10 Love facts that will improve your relationship

Love is an odd thing. We all go through it and most of us get hurt by it at some point in our lives, but still we keep going back for more! Even when we are in a stable and healthy relationship, love can be confusing and unfathomable and sometimes it makes us make bad decisions. Poets write about it, singers sing songs about it and, meanwhile, the rest of us try and make it work.  Here are ten facts about love that might just help you make sense of it and that could even improve your relationship.

1. You can’t take love for granted

When you fall in love, that’s just the beginning; then you have to nurture and care for that love to keep it strong. If you think that you can just sit back and love will take care of itself, you could be on for a nasty surprise. If you have found love, value it, and never ever take it for granted.

2. Love is about being friends as well as lovers

People who have successful relationship are as much best friends as they are lovers. That friendship means being there for each other, sharing things, and having fun together. You don’t need to be serious all the time in a relationship, quite the opposite. Having a good laugh together and going out to fun places together is as much a part of love as being lovers is.

3. Spend more time together to allow love to flourish

People do survive separation and some people do make a go of long distance relationships, but for most people, spending time together is what makes love flourish. If your individual schedules are so hectic that finding time to spend together is difficult, it’s important to make the most of the time that you do get and to make those times special.

4. Love needs respect

This is one fact about love that no one can ignore. Love needs mutual respect between two people and it can’t just be a one way thing. Loving someone shouldn’t mean putting up with bullying of any kind. It should be two people working together and respecting each other’s rights as individual human beings.

5. Love means having a good memory, or a diary!

If you want to improve your relationship, then you’d better get yourself a diary, because remembering the little things, like anniversaries and birthdays, are more important than you think. Even though you may think that forgetting to buy a gift for Valentine’s Day is not all that important, it’s surprising how something so minor can actually hurt quite a lot.

6. Love is taking an interest in one another’s lives

Unless you are lucky, with work and other commitments, you probably spend quite a lot of your time apart from your partner. That’s why it is important to share your news when you get home and talk about your lives outside of the relationship. It means that you stay connected, even in the times when you are apart.

7. Love means learning how to work through your problems

It’s also a fact about love that it never runs entirely smoothly. To improve a relationship and to make love work, you need to learn the art of compromise. If you can both learn to work together to resolve disputes, rather than letting them descend into nasty fights, love might not be plain sailing from there on in, but it will certainly be a lot smoother.

8. Love needs a cuddle now and then

Just holding hands and having a cuddle can make love stronger and improve a relationship. It’s a scientific fact that physical contact, both sexual and non-sexual, creates a bond between people, so don’t go thinking that kisses and cuddles are just for the teenagers.

9. Love needs communication

Talking and listening are both vital skills that people need to have in a relationship. Make sure that you make the time to be able to talk to each other and don’t be afraid to be open and honest too. If your relationship is not quite as you would like it to be, the first step is to talk to your partner about it and then to be prepared to listen to what they have to say too. Without proper, two-way, communication, you won’t be able to solve a single thing.

10. You can’t force love

If you have grown apart from your partner and your relationship isn’t what it once was, it will take time to get things back on track. The fact that you are reading this last point must mean that you are serious about improving your relationship, and that in itself is a good start. You can’t force a person to love you, but if you both want it to work, then put time and effort into to healing wounds and then you will be able to get things back on track because, if nothing else, love also has to be about forgiving and moving forward.

Stay happy!

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