10 Inspirational Things To Do After A Breakup

Breaking up is just awful, and sometimes it can take us a while to get back on our feet. But what if we told you there are ten inspirational things you can do following a breakup that can help you to get back onto your feet as soon as possible?

After a breakup, it’s easy to feel lost – especially if you wanted to continue the relationship. However, following any kind of breakup (whether you’ve instigated it or not), there follows a period where we can refresh and reinvent ourselves.

As painful as leaving behind a relationship is, the period following it allows us to ask a few questions of ourselves. We can critique what went wrong in the relationship, as well as what we need to work on going forward.

It’s important that you stay active after a breakup. It’s important that you try not to lose too much heart and use the time to search within yourself for answers and meaning. Let’s take a look at 10 inspirational things to do after a breakup.

Go On A Health Binge

When we’re in a relationship, we can get so comfortable with our partner that health is no longer our number one priority.

When we first got with him, we wanted to impress him. We always wanted to look good in front of him, and we wanted to eat the right foods to make sure that we stayed in shape.

The more comfortable we got with him, however, the more we let ourselves go. We no longer cared to impress him with our hem seeds – we just wanted to pig out on the sofa with a candy bar.

Now that you’re fresh out of a relationship, you can use the time to get your health back on track. Eat more plants. Detox. Cleanse your body and mind. Feel refreshed with fruits and vegetables.

Do Some Exercising

You’re getting healthier, but are you also getting fitter?

Especially if you’re feeling down post-breakup, a great thing to do is to get into the gym and work your muscles. Exercise boosts your endorphins production, which makes you happy and leaves you feeling better about yourself.

The more you exercise, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Which is exactly what you need following a breakup.

Go Travelling

The last thing we should be doing after a breakup is sitting around our house, moping and feeling sorry for ourselves. It certainly won’t improve our situation. Indeed, it will just make everything a whole lot worse.

So it’s a fab idea to use this time to take your vacation days at work and go out travelling.

Why not? You’re now free to go wherever you want – finances permitting, of course!

Go on an adventure and learn more about the world and your place in it. You could document it with photos and a journal, too.

Try A New Look

A great way to move on from a relationship is to freshen up our look. It cuts us off from the past.

Maybe you could try a hair style you’ve always wanted, but one that your ex-boyfriend said wouldn’t look good on you.

Or maybe you could buy some snazzy new outfits that are a bit of character for you, but which you’ve always thought about wearing.

You’re free to choose your look now. Use this time to experiment and see what works for you and what doesn’t.


To make sure you feel good after a breakup, you could volunteer. Helping people less fortunate than yourself reminds you how fortunate you really are, and that a breakup doesn’t have to be an end – it could be the beginning to something more beautiful.

Help others. Practice kindness. You’ll feel amazing. You could help out at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, or maybe you could visit an elderly peoples’ home.

Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do

When we’re in a relationship, there are often things we want to do, but which we can’t do, simply because we’re in a relationship. Either we don’t have the time, or our partner doesn’t want us to do it.

Now that you’re free, why not use this time to leave your comfort zone and do something daring that you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time to do?

Perhaps the time was never right and you had things to lose. Now, you’ve got nothing to lose. So get to it!

Post A Fabulous New Profile Picture

You don’t want to post lots and lots of pictures on Facebook that show the world how much of a fab time you’re having now that you and the boy have broken up. It will look, forced, artificial and people might ask if you’re okay.

And you probably know that, deep down, it’s all just a front.

However, there is nothing wrong with changing your profile picture to one that empowers you.

Get yourself a new look and flaunt it on Facebook. Show the world you’re back and stronger than ever.

Be Positive About Your Ex

Ever rubbished an ex after a breakup? We probably all have. But while it might feel good at the time to get tipsy and deride him to our friends, it doesn’t benefit us at all.

It’s much better to adopt a positive outlook about everything after a breakup – including your ex. If people mention him, just tell them he was a great guy but it didn’t work out. It will ensure your soul doesn’t ache too much.

Pick Up A Book

Some people go through their whole life without ever reading a book. And that’s cool if it works for them.

But books can be so rich, rewarding and inspirational.

Choose a book your friends have recommended to you in the past, or find one that looks as though it’s going to inspire you. Lose yourself in it for a while, and discover a fresh perspective on life.

Go Out And Meet New People

Lastly, don’t spend this time all alone. Go out and meet some fab new people.

Stay happy!

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