10 Important things you learn when you are in a great relationship

When we are kids, we think that relationships are just plain sailing. You met someone; you fall in love and you live happily ever after. Then we grow up a little, and we find that even the best relationships are not quite as straightforward as we thought, but, we soon learn what we must do, to make them work. Here are ten of the things that couples in good relationships, learn from their partnership:

1. Compromising isn’t being weak

Being open to the needs of your partner and learning how to compromise is one of the first things that you learn in a good relationship. Far from being a weakness, it takes strength to sometimes forgo what you want for the benefit of someone else.

2. Facing up to your own weaknesses

Just as you learn to accept your partner’s weakness, you have to learn to accept your own too. We are all only human, and you learn that loving one another for who you are, means accepting your own faults too.

3. Everyone argues and that’s OK, so long as you do it the right way

Even the most committed couples of all, will still disagree from time to time. What you learn from those fights though, is the importance of fighting clean and working to resolve a dispute, not to score points from it.

4. Even you can settle down

One of the things that surprise some people is that being comfortable and settled can be good. Sharing a good relationship with someone can teach that there really is more to life than partying and working.

5. You learn to trust

Trust has to be learned as well as be earned. For many people, trust doesn’t come easy because they are afraid of being hurt. But, in a good relationship, you can soon begin to realise that hey, you really can trust this person, and that is a great feeling to have.

6. You learn to accept more

Love also teaches you the art of acceptance. There will be things about your partner that bug you, but you learn to accept them because you love the person for who they are, not for what you can make them.

7. Life is not all about you

Sharing, caring and putting someone else first, is another important lesson that we soon learn in a relationship. You can’t just think of number one now, because you’re a team and you will get far more from the relationship, if you work together to achieve both of your goals.

8. You learn how to express your emotions

When you the trust has been built and the relationship is strong, you learn that you can talk about anything to your partner. You can share your fears and express your feelings in a way that, perhaps, you have never been able to do with anyone else.

9. You learn that it’s a two way street

In a good relationship, you learn that when you give, you receive. You do things for each other, because you want to and you know that things will be done for you. You learn not to expect these things, as a right, but to be grateful them all the same.

10. You learn that there is little that beats a good relationship

If you have been unlucky in love, then when you do find the right person you find that it really is pretty cool! Having a strong, good relationship, can give the confidence to go out there and try even harder to achieve your ambitions and, if it doesn’t work out, you know you have a safe haven at home to return to. That’s priceless.

Stay happy!

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