10 Important secrets your man wishes you knew

Have you ever wondered what your man is thinking, when you catch him staring off into space with an oddly vacant look on his face? Well, don’t worry, he’s just thinking about nothing, because men can do that. And, that’s just one of the things that he wishes you understood about him and here are ten more:

1. He takes his commitment to you very seriously

He may have taken longer than you to reach that committed stage, but he’s made it, he’s going to take that very seriously. For most men, once they’ve made their mind up that you are the girl for them, that’s it, decision made and they will stick with it.

2. Intimacy isn’t just a bedroom exercise

Don’t believe all the stereotypical rubbish about men not taking intimacy seriously. To a man, a healthy intimacy in a stable relationship is a very important and meaningful act, not just an act of lust. Just because he can talk and joke about ‘physicality’ in an offhand manner with his friends doesn’t mean that he thinks about intimacy with you in the same way.

3. He would like you to take some initiative 

Another stereotypical picture of a man is that he always makes the move and you’re the one with the headache! So do him a favor, give his ego a boost and be the one to initiate intimacy. He really wants you to, but he’s probably too shy to tell you.

4. He shows his love through his actions

Some men find it really difficult to express their emotions and don’t find it easy to say ‘I love you’. Instead, they show their love through the things that they do for you. If he is trying to build a better world for you, then that’s his way of saying ‘I love you’.

5. He needs to be respected and admired

Men link respect with love very much and they want to be respected by their partner. Show your man that you respect him as a person, a provider and a protector, and he never question your love for him.

6. He needs his space

He loves being with you, but he does need his time for himself as well. Allow him time for his hobbies and pastimes, they are important to him, just like getting some time to yourself is also important for you.

7. He loves you and accepts you just as you are

Believe him when he says that he likes you, just as you are, because he means it. Girls love to change their hair, try new makeup and buy new clothes, but guys love their girls just for who they are.

8. He wants to see you succeed

Men love women who can go it alone sometimes and achieve things in life. He loves it when you meet a challenge head on, and you win, because that makes you happy. He will also love it, if you let him help you win.

9. Men get over things faster

Women hold on to grudges and resentment far longer, than men do. For most men, when an argument is finished, it’s finished, so don’t think that your man hasn’t taken it seriously, he has. Men are just able to move on from negative situations faster, than women.

10. Men don’t do subtle

If you want something done, then ask! No amount of subtle hints will get the message across, because men just don’t pick up subtleties like women do. Call it female intuition, or what you will, but men don’t have it. You have to be direct and to the point, if you want to get your message through.

Are there some other things that men want women to know?

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Stay happy!

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