10 Important Dating Resolutions That All Single Girls Need To Make

We’re halfway through the year, but who said you can’t make resolutions during the summer? No one! Now that the summer is finally here for many of us, it’s time for a new you. And if you’re single, a new you means a new approach to dating.

Dating can be fun and exciting, but it can also drag you down if you continue making the same mistakes over and over. You know the kind of mistakes we’re talking about; you let your family talk you into dating the butcher’s son. You let your friends convince you that you should go on over and ask that cute guy at the bar out, because “he’s definitely totally into you.” Even though he wasn’t.

To help you take control of your life on the dating scene, let’s take a look at 10 important dating resolutions that all single girls need to make.

1. Make The First Move

It’s a well known fact that the onus is always on guys to make the first move. But sometimes when we wait for the guy to make the first move, he gets shy and doesn’t make it! This means that the two of you don’t get the chance to talk.

Okay, of course, making the first move can be scary as hell, but sometimes you’ve just gotta do it. The rewards, after all, could be amazing. This is a new you, after all; get to it!

2. Have Date Night With Your Friend

Okay, this is not the same as having date night with a hot guy. So you think. See, being single means you get to have more fun with your friends. You can let your hair down, hit the town and enjoy life. Who cares about boys when you’ve got your best mate who makes you laugh, buys you Prosecco, and shows why you boys just aren’t all that special?

3. Don’t Apologise For Anything

You’re free and single, and for this reason you don’t owe anything to anybody. If you’re just not feeling a guy you’re dating, you’re certainly not obligated to stick around for longer than necessary just to keep him happy. If a guy you hook up with simply isn’t your type, let him known as soon as possible and keep on moving.

4. Forget All About Having A Type

Found it hard to get dates last time around because you were a little too picky? We all know the feeling. It’s very easy to believe that we have a type, but one of your brand new dating resolutions should be that you no longer have a type. Rather than shying away from a guy because he has a beard, give him a chance. You never know what could happen, and there’s a great chance that he could be the dude for you.

5. Stop Thinking There Is Something Wrong With You Because You’re Still Single

Such is the way that society is, that there just has to be something wrong with you if you’re still single. But don’t let society fool you into thinking this way! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. If you’re the kind of girl who curls up into a ball and analyses everything about yourself that must be keeping the guys away, stop doing this! You just haven’t met the right guy yet.

Now, switch Netflix on, grab some snacks and enjoy life.

6. Learn To Say ‘Yes’

Okay, we’re not saying that you should say ‘yes’ to everything, but saying yes more often might make life a little bit more exciting. Rather than being afraid to try new things and go to new places, say ‘yes’ and see where adventures can take you. Although saying ‘yes’ can be daunting, it can open your mind to a whole new world of fun possibilities.

7. Always Speak Your Mind

When you haven’t dated for a while, it can be easy to be a little bit clingy and needy when you start dating a guy you really like. But this is the wrong way to go about things. This is the old you. The new you is strong, independent and honest. The new you speaks your mind and lets the guy know when you’re feeling uncomfortable. Don’t let things get on top of you; speak up about it and take control!

8. Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

If a guy breaks it off with you and says, “It’s not you,” take his word for it! Don’t argue with him by saying, “No, but it is me really, isn’t it? Come on, just be honest with me!”

The truth is, he is being honest with you, and it’s time you stopped taking rejections so personally. By taking a breakup on the chin, you’ll feel happier and more inclined to date as many people as it takes until you find the one. Just remember that people come and go. No big deal.

9. Allow yourself to flirt and have some fun!

When it comes to dating, a lot of us, girls, say that we don’t play games and we are looking for the one, not just a bit of fun. We want something that will last, and we want to be treated right. Every now and then, though, there is nothing wrong with a bit of fun. We don’t suggest that you jump in bed with the first guy you meet, but you can definitely allow yourself some flirting and you can enlarge your circle of guy-friends. You’re free and single, and if you want a bit of fun, don’t worry what your friends might say. It’s time to date the way you want to date.

10. Stop Questioning Things

Often, it’s the little voice inside our head that can mess things up for us. And it often springs up whenever we’re dating someone. We return home after a date and analyse every single thing he said, to try and figure out whether he likes us or not. The best thing to do? Just relax, chill and stop questioning everything. Whilst it’s easy to believe that everything a guy says is loaded with meaning, the truth is that they’re just trying to have a normal conversation. Just like you!

Stay happy!

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