10 Helpful tips on dealing with a stressed partner

Men like to pretend they can be tough when facing such mental problems as stress. However, they’re human just like us, girls, and sometimes they do need help. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how you can keep your husband calm when things are getting on top of him.

For better or worse, stress has become a normal part of life nowadays. Many of us are working longer hours, taking our work home with us and sleeping less. We’re juggling an insane amount of responsibilities, and these responsibilities increase when we’re married. It’s normal for a husband to get stressed, but what’s really key here is how both him and you deal with the stress. No matter what he says, he can’t handle this alone. He needs you by his side on this one. Let’s take a look at 10 helpful tips on dealing with a stressed partner.


Communication is the foundation to a strong and healthy relationship. Are you communicating with your husband enough and are you communicating about the right things? It’s really hard for a guy to open up about his problems. Guys don’t always like to be seen as vulnerable, and you might find that he tells you he’s “fine”, when you can clearly see that he isn’t. In such cases, you need to ask him the right questions and reassure him that it’s okay to be stressed. Instead of asking him why he’s stressed, look immediately to the solutions and ask how you can help. What needs to happen for his situation to get better? Is there more you could be doing? Does he need to take some time off work?

Stay Positive

This is another good tip on dealing with a stressed partner. Don’t be negative. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff. As much as you can, take his mind away from the stress and direct it onto something more positive. Keep the mood light by cracking jokes. If you add fuel to the fire by being negative yourself, it will only make the whole situation much worse. The best thing you can do right now is play the role of the joker, the person who lightens the mood and keeps him smiling. Even if he doesn’t respond at first, keep being happy.

Don’t Rush Him

The absolute worst thing you can do when your husband is stressed is rush him. If you try to rush him and show no patience, it will only make him irritable and might cause him to lash out. This doesn’t mean he’s lashing out at you, but his stress will cause him to do things he wouldn’t normally do. Take your time with him. Be patient. Show him that you’re prepared to listen and not rush him. Don’t pressure on him by imposing some sort of deadline by which he really needs to sort himself out. Show some understanding by giving him the time and space he needs.

Reassure Him

This is one of the most helpful tips on dealing with a stressed partner. Make sure he knows that you’ll be sticking with him through this and that you are always there to support him.

Give Him Some Space

It’s important that you don’t pressure your husband to get better. Allow him to feel stressed. Don’t make him feel bad for feeling the way he is right now. Don’t judge but try to have some empathy. To make sure you don’t put any unnecessary pressure on him, the best thing to do is to take a step back and give him some space. Let him know that you’re here to support him, but give him some room to breathe. If he wants to sit in front of the TV all day, let him do it. Give him that space. Don’t invade it by asking if he’s done yet, or if he can do this or that for you.

Take A Load Off For Him

Often, couples might share the chores. But while he’s going through a rough time, think about what chores he would normally do that you can do instead for the moment.

Avoid Asking Why

Earlier, we mentioned how important it is that you ask questions that point you both in the direction of a solution, as opposed to questions that keep you rooted in the past and stuck on the problem. If you ask your husband why he is stressed, you’re fixating on the problem and not moving anywhere. Moreover, it’s a redundant question as sometimes people can’t provide an answer. Often, stress is a culmination of things. By asking “why are you stressed?” you’re keeping him fixated on the problem, you’re wasting time and energy, and you might not even get an answer that’s of any use.

Be Sensitive With your Advice

Nobody who is feeling too great wants to hear someone (even someone who loves us) tell us that we need to change our ways. If you say something along the lines of, “smoking is bad for your stress, stop doing it,” you sound too aggressive and you’re not speaking their language. Instead, it’s a much better idea to suggest a replacement or something they can do differently in their life. Try to keep your language positive at all times and avoid anything overly negative.

Take Him On A Break

Everyone loves surprises. If your budget allows for it, why not surprise your husband with a weekend getaway somewhere to help him relax and take his mind off things?

Lead By Example

Have you ever said to someone, “hey, I feel really down and stressed at the moment,” only for them to respond by telling you that they feel exact the same way? It’s not what we want to hear! When we feel stressed and worried, the last thing we need is for our partner to feel the same way. This is why it’s important that you remain strong, while your husband is going through this difficult time. Set an example by looking after yourself. Eat right and exercise. Leading by a good example is another one of helpful tips on dealing with a stressed partner. Don’t hesitate to tell your husband to follow your lead. Say to them, “I’m going to the gym today, do you want to join?”

Do you have other tips on dealing with a stressed partner?

Stay happy!

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