10 Hard truths about relationships that you and your partner should both realize

It’s a sad fact that quite a few relationships end, simply because one or both partners had unrealistic expectations. Despite the fact that we probably all saw our own parents go through rough patches in their relationship and, despite the fact everyone tells us that relationships are not easy, we all still tend to believe that our own relationships will somehow be different and will be easier. The harsh truth, though, is that your relationship will not be any different from any other, and there will be times that things don’t run as smoothly as you would like. Let’s take a look at some of the hard facts about relationships that those of us who have been there will know, and every new couple will come to learn.

1. You can get bored sometimes, and that’s ok

When you first meet someone, everything is new and exciting and even the most boring of days seem like an adventure. You think that the relationship will always be like this but, the reality is, after a while, things do settle down and become a lot more like a routine. That’s why it’s important to try new things with your partner and go to new places. Going to the same restaurant, with the same person, week after week, will get boring, so try to be creative and do something spontaneous once in a while.

2. You might even wonder if you made the right decision

When you go through a rough patch, there might be times that you wonder if you have chosen the right person to be with. That thought can be quite a shocking one, when it comes to you for the very first time, but it is perfectly natural to question the relationship from time to time. When that happens, don’t make snap decisions or do anything hasty; give it time and see how you feel after a few months.

3. There will be times that you don’t even like your partner

One of the weirdest and most confusing emotions that many people in relationships experience is that they have phases when they still love their partner, but they don’t actually like them anymore. When you are living with another person, you have to get used to their habits and their faults, and there will be times when these can be too much for you. Eventually, though, you will weigh up the pros and the cons, and find that the things that you do like about your partner outweigh the things that you don’t.

4. You might even feel attracted to other people

Sometimes, fate works against a relationship and, just as you and your partner are not getting along so well, you might meet someone else who you can find attractive. That’s when your own strength and your belief in the relationship will be put to the test, even if for only a very brief moment.

5. You won’t always want to make love with your partner

There will also be times when either one of you, or both of you, simply don’t feel like making love, or intimacy just becomes a bit boring. Physical intimacy is important for most people in a relationship but it isn’t a right, or a necessity, for either partner. The hard truth about intimacy is that, it too, may need something new sometimes to keep it from becoming boring.

6. You will have to work for happiness

It would be nice if happiness just came naturally, but the truth is, you really do have to work at it to make things happen. If you just sit back and trust that it will work out in the end, you are very likely to be disappointed. Both you and your partner will need to make a conscious effort to not let boredom and routine become the norm.

7. There might be times when compromise is impossible

People say that compromise is the best way to solve a dispute, but sometimes, there will be things on which you and your partner simply cannot agree. When that happens, you will both have to back down and accept the situation for what it is.

8. You might feel disconnected at times

There might also be times when it feels that you are not as close to your partner, as you once were. It can be caused by you both being too busy with work, or perhaps an argument that has been left unresolved. The hard fact about love is that it does vary in its intensity. There will be times when you might feel like you are one with your partner, and times when you feel quite disconnected from them.

9. The romance does fade

It’s a fact of life that the romance in a relationship can fade over time as well, but the trick is not to let it die altogether. He won’t be coming home with flowers every night and she won’t be cooking his favourite meal for him every day. A romantic surprise every now and then, though, will help keep the relationship strong.

10. Your relationship will change

Both you and your partner will change over time and your circumstances will change too. You will need to learn to adapt your relationship and accept these changes to keep the relationship on track. You will grow older, you may have children, and your children will leave home. The important thing is that you and you partner face these changes and challenges together, and accept that everything won’t be perfect all the time, but love is the most fulfilling thing on earth and is well worth the effort.

Stay happy!

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    January 23, 2018 at 7:09 pm


    Discordo de algumas coisas! hehehe!

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