What happy couples do differently? 10 Happy relationship secrets

There aren’t many couples, who can honestly say that they have never been through at least one rough patch in their relationship, but there are the ones who have weathered those difficult times and still come out of it being very close. These are the couples who have learned to make their relationship a priority and who truly value what they have. If you have ever wondered what the secrets are behind a successful relationship, here are ten things that those happy couples might be doing differently from you.

1. They always back each other up

Happy couples support each other and they always back each other up. That’s not to say that they always agree with each other, that would be impossible, but they will always respect each other’s opinions. You will also rarely see a happy couple air their differences in public; they will discuss things that they don’t agree on when they are on their own together and sort things out in private.

2. They never lie to one another

Telling lies, even little ones, will eventually erode all the trust in a relationship and happy couples never lie to each other. It’s not that they are saints, or anything like that, they simply don’t see any need to lie to each other. If you always tell the truth, and you know that your partner is telling the truth too, life is so much simpler and you always know exactly where you stand.

3. They know how to compromise

Happy couples also learn the art of compromise. She will put up with football on TV one night, and he will return the favour and watch a romantic comedy with her the next. They know that they will never like all the same things, so they share the time that they do have fairly between the things that each of them like to do.

4. They don’t hold grudges

Happy relationships aren’t perfect relationships. People will make mistakes and people will fight, but happy couples don’t hold these things against one another. They accept each other for who they are and they forgive and forget very quickly. They would far rather move on to better things than hold onto to grudges forever.

5. They fight carefully

When disagreements do occur, as they inevitably will, happy couples are very careful not let a fight escalate to such a degree that it could damage the relationship. They don’t use hurtful insults and they never bring the future of the relationship into the argument as a threat. They remain a team, even when they are in the midst of an argument.

6. They are both in the relationship for the long term

Happy couples are committed to a long term relationship, whatever that relationship may bring. This long term commitment means that the occasional bad patch in the relationship doesn’t seem as important as it might have otherwise seemed to be. After all, what’s one bad week in a whole lifetime?

7. They try new things together

They also don’t let their relationship get stale and they enjoy going to new places together and trying out new things. This means that they go to new restaurants, they go to different places for vacations and they start projects or hobbles together. They keep their life together exciting and they make sure that they don’t fall into a boring routine.

8. They communicate well

Successful couples know how to talk and, more importantly, how to listen. They do have their problems, but they talk about them and they work hard to find resolutions. They are also not afraid to say when they are unhappy about something, so nothing gets left to fester and grow. They get everything out in the open with that honesty that we mentioned earlier.

9. They stay physically close

Lovemaking is important, but that’s not the only way that happy couples show their love for one another. They also show their love through simple touching, cuddling and hand holding. Research has shown that people who stay in love for a long time are usually those that regularly express their affection for each other through physical contact.

10. They make time for the relationship

Possibly the most important things that happy couples do differently is that they make time for the relationship. However busy they are, their relationship takes priority over other things, and they will always find the time to be together so that they can go out together and talk. When they are together they make that time special too. They still go out on dates, they still surprise each other with gifts, and they never lose sight of how important their relationship is to them.

Stay happy!

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