10 Good signs that your boyfriend is also your best friend

A partner is fine, a lover is great, but roll that in with a person who is also your best friend and you’ve really found something special. A best friend is a person who is understanding, is tolerant, and is always there for you, but, at the same time, they are never too demanding. Is your boyfriend your best friend too? Read on to find out with these ten signs that your boyfriend is also your best friend.

1. He’s the first person you go to for advice

If you both turn to each other in moments of crisis for advice, then that’s a good sign that you are best friends. You do that because you know that your boyfriend will listen and that his advice will be sound.

2. It’s your boyfriend that you have the most fun with

You find yourself spending most of your time with your boyfriend. You don’t have to, you don’t need to, you just do, because you know that is where you will be the happiest.

3. You tell each other everything

Your boyfriend holds absolutely no secrets from you at all and he includes you in every aspect of his life. In fact, he trusts you so much that he wouldn’t even dream of keeping something from you.

4. You share your own inside jokes

You have those moments that you just look at each other and burst into laughter and no one else gets the joke. This is because you share with your boyfriend things that you share with no-one else, and just a word or a phrase can take on a whole new meaning to the two of you.

5. He inspires you to succeed

Real friends encourage us and cheer us on. They want us to succeed and they will do all they can to help us do that. You know that your boyfriend is also your best friend when you find that he is your biggest fan too.

6. You don’t take fights to heart

Just like lovers, best friends argue sometimes, but they never take it to heart. Of course, you will disagree sometimes, but you won’t let that come between you, because you know how important you are to each other.

7. Dates are fun

Dates can get a bit too serious sometimes, but when your boyfriend is your best friend dates are great fun. They can also be spontaneous and exciting and they don’t need to follow any routine, because you are both just out for a good time.

8. You are perfectly comfortable doing nothing

Dates are exciting, but you’re equally comfortable doing nothing with your boyfriend too. With a really good friend, you never have uncomfortable silences, you are just happy being together; even if that’s just chilling and doing nothing in particular.

9. Chores aren’t hard work

Sharing the workload is a natural thing for good friends, so chores shouldn’t be any one person’s job. Best friends, share everything and are happy to help each other. When partners are best friends, even chores become fun!

10. You feel one hundred percent safe with him

When you are in love with your best friend, then you have far more self-confidence, because you know that, should you fall, he will be there to catch you and you would do the same for him.

Stay happy!

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