10 Good reasons to take your husband’s last name

While the modern trend is to keep your own last name, or hyphenate yours with your husbands, when you get married, there are still plenty of good reasons to take his name as your own. So, let’s buck the trend and be traditional with these ten good reasons why you should take your husband’s last name when you marry:

1. It creates a sense of togetherness

Of course, it doesn’t change the way that you feel about each other, but it can create a greater sense of togetherness and of unity. Having the same last name means that you can be referred to more easily as a family unit, a team, rather than two individuals.

2. He will love it if you do

Men do tend to take the more traditionalist view on this one and most guys would rather prefer that their wife did take their last name. His feelings are not the only thing to consideration, but if it makes him happy, then it might be one of them.

3. You might not like your own name

If nothing else, it can be the perfect opportunity to get rid of a last name you hate, or people find difficult to pronounce. After all, not all last names are exactly elegant!

4. It will please the in-laws

Taking your husband’s last name will usually make relationships with the in-laws less fraught too. Although this can’t be said for everyone, people of a generation or two ago, will think it strange if you don’t change your name.

5. If you don’t, you will be forever correcting people

You could argue that it’s wrong for them do so, but people will automatically refer to you as Mrs ‘your husband’s name’ anyway. It can be a real bore having to correct people, every time you check into a hotel, so changing it will just get rid of that hassle.

6. It is easier for children to understand

In the future, your children will want to know why you and your husband have different names and so will their friends. Changing your name will make it easier for them and it will also avoid having to have a debate over which name the children themselves should be given.

7. It signifies a new start

Getting married doesn’t mean that you cease to be an individual, but it is a new chapter in your life. Changing your name, marks that change and says to the world that the two of you are now a unit and you are now a wife.

8. It makes financial transactions easier

On a purely practical basis, sharing joint names will mean that signing up for joint accounts and contracts will be much easier. If you are married, then many people will assume that you share the same last name and you will find yourself constantly correcting them and correcting the name on business forms too.

9. Monograms will be easier

OK, so this may not the best of reason that we could find for taking your husband’s name, but it will make monograms easier. If you share a family name, then you can create monograms out of your joint initials and have things around your home decorated with your joint name.

10. It is a nice thing to do

It is a personal decision and there is no reason why you have to follow the tradition, but changing your name does show a sense of unity and bonding together, as well as avoiding a lot of confusion later. It’s also just nice, to be known as the Joneses, rather than by your separate names.

Stay happy!

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