10 Good Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

When you first start dating a man, there are lots of things you want to know about him. You want to know the usual, such as what job does he have, has he ever been to college, what is his favourite food, and if he could go anywhere in the world right now, where would he go?

There are also juicier things you want to know about him too, such as what his previous relationships were like, has he ever been in love, and does he still speak to any of his ex-girlfriends?

But because there is so much you don’t know about your boyfriend, you really want to find out the important and useful information that will tell you whether or not you guys actually even have a future relationship. You want to find out what makes him tick and how compatible you both are. If you want to learn so much more about your boyfriend, let’s take a look at 10 good questions you can ask him.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Future?

You’ve probably got a five-year plan for yourself. Perhaps you see yourself in five years settling down with someone. Perhaps you want to have kids and own a house. Maybe you’ll have a car, a steady job and some savings tucked away.

All this is pretty cool, but what if his future plans are vastly different to yours? What if he plans on quitting his job next year so he can go hiking around Europe for twelve months?

This is an important question that tells you whether or not you guys have a workable future together.

It also tells you whether he’s destined for greatness, or whether he’s actually a bit weird.

What Is Your Greatest Fear?

This is another one of good questions to ask your boyfriend. You want to support your boyfriend, so finding out what his greatest fear is is a good way to start. In this way, you can take steps to make sure that he never has to deal with his fears, or you can rationally discuss how you can help him to overcome them.

Your boyfriend wants you to be his rock, even if he might not admit (because men love to be so independent). Helping him with his fears shows that you are there for him.

Why Did Your Last Relationship Fail?

One of good questions to ask your boyfriend is why did his last relationship fail. It’s kinda important that you find out about it. If it fell apart because he was clearly a jerk, it’s not exactly going to bode well for your relationship.

His answer here will certainly be revealing, and it may cause you to think deeper about your relationship. Hopefully, though, it will simply bring you two closer together and ensure that you take steps to fight for what you’ve both got here.

Do You Want Kids?

Okay, this is The Big Question that shouldn’t really be asked until you guys have been together a few months. It’s definitely not a first date question, even if you are desperately trying to find the man of your dreams straight away.

It’s an important question, though, so you do need to ask it at some point. Many relationships break up because the issue of kids is a sticking point and it’s much better that you find it sooner than later whether you each agree on starting a family or not. If he’s dead against having kids while you want 10, your relationship probably doesn’t have much longevity.

Are You The Jealous Type?

This is another one of really good questions to ask your boyfriend and it’s a very important one. Too many times have women got stuck in a relationship with a man who gets insanely jealous whenever they so much as look at another guy. It’s a situation that can be easily resolved earlier on if you pop this question.

Most guys who aren’t the jealous type will give you a straight yes or no answer. If, however, he is the jealous type, he might give you a complex answer such as, “I’m not really the jealous type but why do you have so many male friends?”

It basically means he is the jealous type.

Have You Ever Cheated On Someone?

This question is not as bad as it seems, and your boyfriend certainly won’t get offended it if you ask it to him. He’ll know where you’re coming from; after all, we have to ask questions such as these so that we feel comfortable in a relationship. Moreover, we want to be able to trust our partner.

His answer is either going to make you feel deeply relieved, or it’s going to set alarm bells ringing in your head. Either way, it’s important that you ask it.

What Is Your Worst Habit?

We all have bad habits that our partner has to deal with, and most of the time everyone manages to deal with them. Everyone has flaws and very few people are perfect, even in the eyes of their lovers.

But some people definitely have more annoying bad habits than others, so it’s useful if you find out your boyfriend’s very worst bad habit as soon as possible. Then, you can decide whether his bad habit is something you can get over, or whether it’s a deal-breaker that ends the relationship right there.

What Is Love To You?

This is one of really deep and good questions to ask your boyfriend, and it should probably take your man a few moments to collect this thoughts and answer it.

If he shrugs and grunts “I don’t know,” it should tell you instantly that he’s still too childish to get involved with adult relationships and feelings.

You’re not expecting a hugely poetic answer here, but if your man knows what it is like to love someone he will at least give the question some thought before returning an answer. Whether you like the answer or not is then all down to you.

What Are You Like When You Don’t Get What You Want?

Some men can be really selfish, and we’ve all been out with guys who insist they’re going to the pub despite us wanting them to spend the day with us. So it’s really important to know how your boy reacts when he doesn’t get what he wants – it will certainly save you a lot of hassle in the long term. The last thing you want on your hands is a man who sulks and moans whenever he isn’t getting his way.

If You’re Having A Bad Day, How Can I Cheer You Up?

Lastly, this is one of good questions to ask your boyfriend for future reference. Whenever you notice that he’s stressed from work, you can do the thing that you know always cheers him up.

Stay happy!

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