10 Good Christmas gifts for husband

It’s the time of year that the stores get packed full of impatient shoppers, the clock is ticking toward Christmas day, and you still haven’t bought a Christmas gift for your husband! Isn’t it amazing how the season of love and goodwill can become so problematic, when you are desperately searching the stores for ideas for gifts? Forget barging your way through the Christmas shopping crowds and put your feet up instead, because we’ve got ten great ideas of Christmas gifts for husband right here.

1. Home brew kit

If your man is a beer lover then he will love a home brew kit. He doesn’t need to be an expert brewer, because many of the kits come with everything he will need to brew his own ale, including all the ingredients, all the equipment, and detailed instructions too. It won’t be long before he will be brewing up his first batch of homemade beer and asking his friends around to sample it.

2. Swiss army knife

For the man who likes to be the hero, a Swiss army knife has a tool for all occasions. They are great for anyone who likes outdoor pursuits, like hiking and camping, and they come in handy around the home too. Some Swiss army knives contain more than thirty different tools, so your man will be able to do everything, from opening a bottle of wine, to taking a stone out of a horses hoof!

3. A super car experience

This is another one of amazing ideas of Christmas gifts for husband. From the very first day that Enzo Ferrari put a prancing horse badge on red sports car, men all over the world have wanted to drive a Ferrari at least once in their lives. If $300,000 seems a bit steep for a Christmas gift, you could get him am Italian super car driving experience instead. He’ll get a whole day to live his dream and will be able to drive some of the latest models from the best super car manufactures in the world.

4. A book on the history of everything

Men love to know how things work and what better subject to learn about, than how the whole universe was formed. If your husband has an enquiring mind, then check out the science book that is outselling 50 Shades of Grey. Seven Brief Lessons in Physics is an enthralling read by Carlo Rovelli that explains the origins of the universe in a way that we all can understand.

5. Video games

Keep him quiet for hours on end with one of the latest video games. One of the most anticipated new releases for this Christmas is the brand new Fallout 4 for the Xbox. The game is so popular that some men’s websites reported a drop in visitors when the game was first released. If your husband is into role playing video games, he will love this adventure.

6. A barbecue tool set

The list of ideas of Christmas gifts for husband wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a barbecue tool set. Most men love to take control of the barbecue, so you can make his summer days complete with a luxury, stainless steel barbecue tool set that will make him the envy of all your neighbours. You can get complete sets that include all the knives, brushes and tools that he will need to cook up the perfect barbecue. Look for the ones that also contain a thermometer, and then you will be safe from a bout of food poisoning too!

7. Beard grooming kit

For the man with a beard, you can help him keep his facial hair in perfect condition with a beard grooming kit. These kits contain combs, scissors, exfoliating cleansers and beard oil that will keep his beard looking and smelling great. The beard oil will also keep his beard soft, so there is something in this gift for you too.

8. Handheld camera

Forget the shaky Christmas videos of the past, if you buy your guy a hand held camera with a gimbal mounting, like the DJI OSMO Handheld Camera, he will be able to capture all the family Christmas moments like a pro. The clever little gimbal device means that the camera stays still, however shaky the cameraman’s hand is. It’s the prefect camera gift for the novice and the expert alike.

9. Meditation machine

Did you know that there were such things as meditation machines? If your husband has trouble relaxing then a Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine will let him relax and forget life as he enters his very own universe of light and sound.  They are portable too, so they can be taken to work, or used on long flights to help him get to sleep.

10. Hot sauce gift set

The final item in our list of ideas of Christmas gifts for husband is a hot sauce gift set. With this gift you can add a little bit of spice to your husband’s cooking. You can get sauce sets that contain spicy pepper and chilli sauces that range from the just about tolerable to the fire burning impossibly hot. It’s a great gift for any man who likes his food with a bit of heat.

Do you have other ideas of Christmas gifts for husband?

Stay happy!

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