10 Genuinely Romantic Reasons To Get Married For Girls Who Believe In True Love

Not everyone wants to get married. But if you’re starting to warm to the idea of marriage, in this article we’re going to take a look at 10 genuinely romantic reasons to get married for girls who believe in true love.

Despite marriages once being practically expected of any couple who had been together for a few months and clearly love each other, these days it seems as though some of us need a lot of convincing before we decide that marriage is the right thing for us – even though we believe in true love.

Of course, marriage is not without its issues. A wedding doesn’t exactly come cheap, and it requires a lot of organisation and planning. Moreover, some people feel pressure whenever they hear the word marriage, as it suggests that they’ll be tied down for the rest of their life to just one person.

If you believe in true love, though, that’s surely a beautiful thing.

Yes, there will be a lot of responsibilities that come with marriage, and there will even be fights. But here are 10 genuinely romantic reasons to get married for girls who believe in true love.

It’s Your Biggest Commitment

Some people look at marriage from entirely the wrong angle. Instead of seeing it as the biggest, most beautiful commitment they’ll ever have to make, they see it as a lock without a key. And that’s really quite sad.

Yes, marriage is a big commitment. But just think about it like this – it’s the biggest commitment you’ll ever make.

Doesn’t it sound quite wonderful that the biggest commitment you will ever make is to another person?

If it wasn’t, what would your biggest commitment be? We reckon the answer would pale in comparison.

You Have A Bigger Support Network

As well as enjoying the support of your husband, once you’re married you can also start counting on the support of his whole family. You may even find that you meet a new best friend!

You’re There For Each Other

Statistics have shown that married couples outlive unmarried ones. Is it because we have someone to look after us whenever we’re sick and in need? Perhaps.

You’ll Be Sharing Your Whole Life With Someone

Again, this is another genuinely romantic reason to get married – sharing your life with someone special.

Just think about this for a moment: You’re incredibly lucky to be born a human. The chances of you being born a human are like 4 trillion to one.

So what do you think the chances are of you meeting someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with? Double that? Treble that?

The odds are crazy, and this alone makes spending your whole life with a special someone so romantic. You’ll get to grow together, from youth to old age. You’ll get to see it all together! From your highs to your lows and everything in between.

And isn’t it always better to go through life with someone by your side?

Marriage Validates Your Relationship

When you’ve been dating someone for a long time, what would you even call it if you’re not married? Would you still say that you’re dating?

“Oh, yeah. We’ve been dating for 30 year now.”

It sounds odd!

Being married just sounds so much better, and it strengthens your relationship. It’s no longer casual – it’s dead serious. Just how you want it.

You’ll Be Stronger Financially

It can be a struggle financially when you go through life alone. You’ve got to pay all your bills yourself, and you’ve only got the one job to support you.

But when you team up with a man through marriage, there are two of you! This means shared salaries that strengthen your joint finances.

Your Single Days Are Over

Being single is always fun when we’re really young. We’re in our early twenties, partying the night away each weekend, meeting new people and living without a care in the world.

But doesn’t this get a little bit boring after a while? Doesn’t it get a bit empty? Don’t you want something more from life? One person to share everything with?

Most people do. There comes a time when they decided that their single days are well and truly over, and that they just want to find someone who is always going to be there for them – as opposed to being there for just one night. They want a bed for life – not just for a few hours.

And single days … were they really that good when you knew you always had to come home to an empty bed, cold bed?

Marriage Gives You Security

Girls feel more insecure than guys in a relationship because guys have generally been thought of as more self-sufficient. If the relationship ends, they can crack on with their career and – if there is a child – it’s usually the mother who continues to live with any children.

As such, we need that sense of security – the kind that only comes with marriage.

Marriage tells you that he’s serious about this and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Without marriage, you might find yourself forever looking over your shoulder, wondering when he’s going to leave you. After all, you are only “dating.”

You Want Kids

Marriage is often seen as the first step towards kids. We get married, spend a year together as husband and wife, and then start thinking about becoming mom and dad.

And wouldn’t you prefer to set an example to your kids as husband and wife? As opposed to two people who are still dating?

Being a husband and wife and mom and dad means you’re a proper family who is here for each other forever.

You’re A Team

Generally, when people get married they share their bank accounts. They live together, split the bills and chores. They’re a team.

This kind of dependability is what makes marriage so appealing to some people. You’ve found someone who shares your principles and values, and you’re going to work with them to make sure that both your lives are filled with joy, happiness and adventure.

Stay happy!

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