10 Fun winter activities for couples

Winter is not everyone’s favourite time of the year. If you asked a few of your friends whether they prefer winter or summer, the chances are that most would choose summer. But while you can certainly have a heap of fun in the summer (the beach, vacations, the barbecues, the outdoor parties, the boat parties, etc), there is also a lot of fun to be had during the colder months. There is no reason why you and your man should spend most of the winter stuck indoors trying to keep warm until the spring arrives. Just because the temperature is down, it doesn’t mean you have to hibernate and not do anything fun for a few months. As it happens, there is a lot of great stuff you can do in the winter. Don’t believe me? Then let’s take a look at 10 fun winter activities for couples.

Have A Snowball Fight

If you’ve watched a seasonal romance film, you’ll have noticed how snowball fights between a girl and a man can be incredibly romantic. You’re basically just fighting and rolling around in the snow, and any snowballs you do throw at your partner aren’t mean to hurt him – they’re meant to strike his heart with a fluffy ball of love. Okay, that was cheesy, BUT we are being serious here. If it’s been snowing, you and your man should head into the garden or a local park and act like a pair of kids again. A snowball fight also gives you both a chance to bond, and you could pretend to be injured at one point so that your doting hero has to come and rescue you!

Go Skiing

Skiing is another one of fun winter activities for couples. If you can’t afford to go skiing this year, or if you don’t live close by to a ski resort, there is always the option of indoor skiing. Either way, skiing is a winter activity that HAS to be done. It’s exciting, heart-stopping stuff and arguably the most fun you can have with your man right now.

Build A Snowman

Building a snowman with your partner is one of the most fun things you can do in the winter, and it’s even more fun than a lot of summer activities. Building a snowman together encourages teamwork and it’s a good bonding session. You both have to work together to create a showpiece snowman that you’re both very proud of. Once you’re done, you can take selfies with your snow man, before giving him a name and uploading the pic’s to Facebook. And then you can head indoors to warm up with a warm meal!

Watch Some Holiday Movies

The best thing about the winter is Christmas. And now is the perfect time to have a laugh with your partner while watching your favourite holiday movies. This is one of the most cosy fun winter activities for couples. Some of the classics include Home Alone, Jingle All The Way, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and…Okay, you’re not even there are you? You’re already watching Home Alone.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the ultimate winter drink. An indulgent treat, it’s a taste of heaven on those cold nights spent cuddled up with your partner in front of a blazing fire. Drinking it with your man is romantic, but making it is just so much fun. You can use whichever type of chocolate you want, and top it off with some fat marshmallows. You can also use cream! Homemade hot chocolate is usually always better than the packet kind you can get from the store, but it might take you both a few attempts to get it right. In the meantime, you can have a good giggle. And a chocolate fight anyone?

Go Volunteering

Volunteering is both fun and thoughtful, and the two of you can make the hours fly by by cracking jokes and generally having a fab time.

Go On A Winter Getaway

Summer is for road trips, while winter is for log cabins. So one of fabulous fun winter activities for couples is to go on a winter gateway. If you’ve got a bit of cash lying around, why not book yourselves an Air BnB in the woods for some seasonal fun? Winter getaways are both romantic and entertaining, especially if you go somewhere exciting.

Have A Board Game Night

Are board game nights out of fashion? They really shouldn’t be! If you don’t fancy heading outdoors because it’s just too cold (and we really can’t blame you), staying in with some board games is a lot more exciting than just sitting around bingeing on television again. Go up to your attic and dust off some classic board games. Have a laugh as you play them, and raise the temperature by including a few forfeits and dares for whoever loses.

Go Ice Skating

Probably not the safest one of fun winter activities for couples to do, if either of you have two left feet, but it’s always fun to watch our men struggle to stay upright on an ice rink! Ice skating is also really romantic. You can both hold hands as you elegantly float around the rink, before kissing as you come to a stop. To increase the entertainment, why not challenge each other to try some classic moves?

Spend A Day At The Mall

Especially during the build-up to Christmas, the mall is a special place. The tinsel is up, Santa is ho-ho-ho-ing in his cute little grotto, and everyone (okay mostly everyone) is in good spirits. So in this atmosphere, why don’t you and your man put a day aside to spend in the mall? You can go shopping, dining, and maybe you could even ask Santa to get your something nice this year. C’mon, it’ll be hilarious when the big man tells your partner that he’s on the naughty list!

Do you have other ideas of fun winter activities for couples?

Stay happy!


  1. Marisa Cavaleiro
    December 19, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Nice tips. I like snowman activity…
    Xoxo from Portugal


  2. Laura
    December 19, 2017 at 2:33 am

    These are all such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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