10 Fun and weird things that will improve your relationship

We know that being faithful, talking and respecting one another all help to make a relationship sound, but, sometimes, the things that can strengthen a relationship actually sound a little weird and even counterintuitive. Here’s a list of things that most people say you shouldn’t do in a relationship that can actually improve it:

1. Call things that are not as though they were

Of course, honesty is always the best policy. Well, nearly always, because when someone says: ‘Does my bum look big in this?’, answering ‘No, it looks absolutely huge’ is not going to be a relationship strengthening moment.

2. Lead separate lives

Think how boring it would be if you really did live every single day with your partner. Having separate interests, hobbies and friends, outside of the relationship, is a really good advice on how to improve a relationship; it gives you more to talk about and helps to keep the spark alive.

3. Get jealous from time to time

The usual advice is that jealousy can kill a relationship, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of jealousy, now and then. You shouldn’t go out of your way to make your partner jealous, but it is nice to know that they care enough to get jealous sometimes.

4. Act irresponsibly

Life can be a serious business…with mortgages, kids and car payments…Sometimes, though, it’s good to let your hair down, and do something really silly and act like kids again. Go nuts at a theme park or go clubbing into the small hours, you can be serious again tomorrow.

5. Stop communicating

To stop communicating, probably, doesn’t sound like a good advice on how to improve a relationship, but let us explain…If you find yourself texting and phoning your partner all the time, then give it a rest for a while. You can actually communicate so much that it becomes stifling, so leave it until you get home and you’ll have far more to talk about then.

6. Keep secrets

What they don’t know won’t hurt them! We’re not talking about the big, relationship killing secretes here, but the ones that, sometimes, are a necessity, like how much those shoes really cost, or the fact that you thought that guy at work was really quite a hunk.

7. Be selfish

You can’t give up on your needs entirely and sometimes you have to be a bit selfish. Spoil yourself sometimes, not everything has to be for the benefit of both of you. Your partner will love you even more for not being a doormat.

8. Spend time apart

Another good tip on how to improve a relationship is to spend some time apart. Get yourself off to a spa for the weekend and let him go to the beer festival with his friends. The odd weekend apart can do wonders for a relationship. It strengthens the bonds between you and it makes coming home again that extra bit special.

9. Don’t share everything

Not every detail of your day at work is going to be of interest to your partner, so you don’t have to share everything with him. The fact that the coffee machine wasn’t working isn’t earth shattering news and he’s certainly not interested in office gossip.

10. Argue

Fighting is an essential part of a relationship and making up can be great! If couples say they never argue, then best check their pulse, because disagreeing and discussing disagreements is perfectly natural and healthy part of an honest relationship.

How to improve a relationship? Do you have some other relationship advice to share?

Stay happy!

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