10 Facts about true love that will change your relationship 

Can you tell the difference between infatuation and true love? Is there a difference at all? The fact is that the science of love is a very difficult topic to unravel and sometimes it makes no sense at all. Love can strike at some very odd moments and we have little control over who we will fall in love with. If you’ve been wondering if what you are feeling really is true love, or perhaps you think you have found true love already, read these ten facts about what true love really means and it might change the way that you look at your relationship.

1. True love doesn’t feel demanding

If it’s true love, then the relationship won’t feel like hard work. Your partner will not be too demanding of you, they won’t expect you to change to please them, and they certainly won’t expect you to wait on them hand foot. You simply wouldn’t be demanding of a person you really love, because you would want them to be happy too.

2. True love isn’t what makes you a complete person

True love is just something that just happens, it’s not something that you go out to find because you think it will make you a complete person. If anything, you need to have worked out how you are before you find true love. True love is a partnership between two individuals, not the joining of two halves into one whole.

3. True love lasts forever

True love is not something that you discard at the first sign of trouble. If you truly love a person, you would stand by them come what may. That means through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part. Those old fashioned wedding vows may have something relevant to say in today’s world after all!

4. True love is a two way thing

You can’t force a person to love you and, if your feelings aren’t reciprocated then, sorry, but that’s not true love, that’s infatuation. True love flows both ways and there are no conditions placed on that love. You love each other wholeheartedly, regardless of what else might be going in your lives. In other words; if you want to receive true love, you have to be able to give it.

5. True love includes friendship

True love is more than just a romance; it’s also a deep friendship. You don’t need to be best friends to fall in love, but for true love to happen, you do need to become best friends. You should be able to enjoy nothing more than each other’s company sometimes, share jokes, and share common interests. You should also both feel that you can talk to each other about absolutely anything.

6. There will be no doubts

When you do find true love, you won’t have doubts in your mind about the relationship. True love is a thing that just happens naturally and is unwavering. If you still have a lot of questions about your partner or you have nagging doubts about the relationship, then you probably haven’t yet found true love. When you love someone very deeply, you have 100% faith in the person, and in the relationship.

7. True love means total commitment

It’s only human nature for you to take a second look an attractive stranger you meet, and there is nothing to feel guilty about if you do. When you are in a true love relationship, though, looking is the only thing that you would ever do.  If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, so you would never even consider cheating on your partner.

8. True love has goals and ambitions

When two people love each other deeply they will have dreams and aspirations; both for themselves individually, and for the relationship. One of the things that make true love so special is that it inspires both people to be the best people they could possibly be. They will encourage each other and support each other in order that they can both achieve their dreams and ambitions together as a team.

9. True love allows you to be you

When you are truly in love, you stop feeling self-conscious about yourself and you can just let go and be you. You don’t feel that there is any need to put on an act and you don’t need to hide things from one another either. Even through embarrassing illnesses and the occasions where you look less than your best; none of that matters when you are truly in love.

10. When you find true love, you will love yourself too

It’s a well-worn cliché, we know, but when you do find your true love, you will discover who you really are and you will be content with what you find. True love brings out the best in people and the contentment you feel will spill over into every other aspect of your life.

Stay happy!

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