10 Cute Ideas to Prove Him That You Love Him

While men may not be too good at expressing their own emotions, they can be quite insecure and they do need reassuring sometimes that they are loved. Of course, they are not going to admit that and nor are they going to ask the question outright, but they will want to see some signs that you still love them to put their mind at rest.

Saying” I love you” is all well and good, but after a while, those words can sound a bit tired and old-hat and actions always speak a lot louder than words. So, if you want to make sure that your man knows how much you love him, take a look these ten cute ways that you could use to show him your love.

1. Surprise him with an unexpected gift

The easiest way to show him your love is to buy him something that he really wants. That doesn’t have to mean something expensive that he was likely to buy himself anyway, and you don’t need to wait until his birthday to buy him something. The gifts that will mean the most to him are the little gifts that you have bought on the spur of the moment. Don’t forget to gift-wrap your gifts too, that helps to show that you have put some time and thought into your gift.

2. Cook something really special for him

Baking a cake for him or cooking his favourite meal is another way you remind him that you love him. Cooking something special for him shows that you have gone out of your way to do something nice, just for him. He will really appreciate that you have cooked something he likes and that you have taken the time to prepare it especially for him.

3. Run a bath for him

Guys like a bit of pampering sometimes too, and a nice relaxing hot bath after a long day at work will help him wind down and get back into a relaxed and homely mood. Sure, he’s more than capable of running his own bath! But doing it for him is just a nice little touch that he will appreciate, especially if you put some warmed towels out for him as well.

4. Write him a love letter

You are never too old for a bit of romance, so write put down on paper exactly why you love him and use your sweetest words. A hand written love letter is so personal and such a thoughtful way to express yourself. It will mean much more to him than saying the words out loud and it’s something that he may want to keep and treasure too.

5. Whisk him away for a romantic weekend

Take him away from it all and book a romantic weekend away in a secluded location. Everyone needs a break from the day-to-day hassles of life and a weekend away will also give you a chance to do nothing more than spend some quality time together. You’ll probably have to tell him advance to keep the weekend free, but you can still arrange everything in advance and make the destination a surprise.

6. Fulfil one of his dreams

If he has ever said how he’d love to drive a Ferrari, do a bungee jump, or try white water rafting, why not make his dream come true for him? There are so many of these things that guys often want to do, but they rarely get around to actually doing. It’s easy enough to book one off experiences like this, so give him a wonderful treat and show him just how much you love him by fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams.

7. Offer to help

If he’s struggling to get something done, whether it is something for his work or a chore at home, offer to help him out. Even if you can’t help him with the specific job in hand, at least he will know you cared enough to try. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know that there is someone you can always rely on to be on your side.

8. Leave messages for him

Cute messages of love written on post it notes are a simple way to show how much you love your man. You can put them in his wallet, on the dashboard of his car, or on the bathroom mirror. In fact, anywhere where he will come across a love note unexpectedly will give him a surprise reminder of how much you love him.

9. Let him be who he is

You may not be too keen on some of his habits, but if you accept his flaws, and even come to love them, then that’s a true sign that you love him for who he is. It’s really not a smart move to try to change a guy, he will quite likely try to change to please you, but he will probably also resent it. Letting him be himself is a great way to show him that you want him to be happy.

10. Be the one who makes him smile

The best thing you can do to show a man you love him is to be the one person he knows will always make him smile. This works both ways, of course, but if the home is the place where your man can relax and forget his worries for a while, then that’s the place he will always want to be.

Stay happy!

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