10 Creative things every woman can do to show love to their men

When you want to let your man know that you love him, you could splash out a load of cash on the latest gadget, or man toy, but sometimes, the most meaningful ways to show how much you care are the simple ones. Lavish gifts are something that he could buy for himself, but the random acts of kindness and special sweet things that you can do, are unique and really special. If you want to show your man how much you love him, try a few of these creative, yet simple, things that you can do to how your man just how special he is to you.

1. Wear the clothes that you know he loves

Most guys have a favourite outfit that their girlfriend or wife wears that they love, so show him how much he means to you by wearing the clothes that he loves to see you in. He will love it that you have made the effort to dress to please him and that you have taken notice of the things that he likes.

2. Write him a letter

If you find it difficult to say the words that you want to say out loud, then why not write him a love letter to express your feelings for him. When you write a letter, you get the time you need to compose your thoughts properly and come up with the words that you really want to say. A hand written love letter is also something very personal that he will want to keep forever.

3. Compliment him

Don’t just tell him that you love him, tell him what exactly it is about him that makes you love him so much. The words ‘I love you’ don’t say as much as ‘I love you because…’, or ‘I love the way that you…’. Telling him that you appreciate him for specific things that he does will reinforce the message and it will let him know that he is doing the right things for you.

4. Tell him about the things that are troubling you

Opening up to him about the things that are troubling you, and asking for his advice, will show him that you trust him and let him know how much you value his opinion. Men love to be the knight in shining armour and help to solve problems for the woman in their lives, so give him the chance to show how much he cares about you.

5. Plan a romantic evening at home

You can also show your love for him by planning a surprise romantic evening at home. You could lay out the table with your finest dinnerware, cook him his favourite foods, and buy his favourite wine or beer. Preparing it all yourself will mean so much more to him, than simply booking  a table at a restaurant.

6. Let him chill out when he gets home from work

Most guys need time to wind down when they first get home from work, so don’t bombard him with questions and jobs that need doing, give him some time to chill out for a while. If you really want to show him you love him, get him a drink and let him know that he can sit and rest for half an hour, and then he’ll be ready to tackle anything else that needs doing.

7. Share his hobby with him

Make an effort to learn something about his hobbies and try and share them with him. Sharing in the things that he enjoys will help to bring the two of you closer together and he will love it that you took the time to find out more about his pastimes.

8 Allow him his time with the guys

You are important to him, but men do need their time with their friends when they can be just men. Don’t complain when he wants to go with the guys, encourage it, because he will really appreciate that you understand that he needs his man time.

9. Give him a massage

Men like to be pampered sometimes too, so give your man a massage after a hard day at work and he will know that you love him for sure. Try using some essential oils and that will help to relax him. He will love all the attention that he is getting and it will get him all calm and relaxed for the evening too.

10. Pamper him when he is sick

Men absolutely hate being sick, so what he will need is bucket loads of sympathy and a lot of TLC. If you want to tell your man how much you love him, wrap him up in a warm blanket, when he has a cold, bring him a hot lemon drink, and make him chicken soup like his mum used to!

Stay happy!

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