10 Creative and original proposal ideas to inspire you

Getting down on one knee in a restaurant is not a bad way to propose, but it’s hardly original now, is it?! Mind you, it’s better than it being a PS to a text message! If you’re looking for a more inspiring way to pop the question, here are ten ideas for a proposal that you will both remember.

1. The airport proposal

If your partner is going away on a trip, then meet them with your proposal when they get back. Get some friends and family to come with you and wait at the arrivals with a ‘will you marry me sign to hold up’, the same kind that taxi drivers hold when they are picking people up.

2. The hidden ring proposal

Not entirely original, but hiding the ring in a glass of champagne or on the dessert trolley at a restaurant will give her a fantastic surprise. Just be sure that it is not too well hidden or she will eat it and you could end up ending the night in the accident and emergency department, or wondering how the heck you are going to tell her where she will find her ring now!

3. Ask a celebrity to do it for you

If you have a favourite band or singer then you could always try asking them to do it for you, live on stage! Bruce Springsteen did this for a couple in Brazil and he asked them up stage and he sung ‘She’s The One’ for them too.

4. Try a mile high proposal

Public proposals are quite common now, but you need to pretty sure you know what the answer will be, if you want to avoid a very red face! One way is to make an announcement on the intercom system of an aeroplane. Most airlines will agree to this.

5. The Twitter proposal

Can you come up with an amazing proposal in less than 240 characters? Who knows, your proposal might even go viral!

6. Place an advertisement

Depending on your budget, this public display of love could vary from a simple classified ad in the local newspaper to a full blown presentation before the beginning of a movie in a cinema. Just place your ad and wait for the answer!

7. The karaoke proposal

Go to a karaoke bar and let rip on stage with your partner’s favourite love song and then get down on one knee and propose. Even better if you can’t sing, the crowd will love it.

8. Propose on a special day

Christmas day, birthday or Valentine’s Day, proposing on a day that is already special will make it an extra special day every day after that every year.

9. Propose at a sporting event

Even though some sporting event proposals have gone hilariously wrong, from the flat, and very public, refusals to the other half who was visiting the hot dog stand at the time the proposal happened, getting your proposal flashed up on a scoreboard at half time is still memorable way of proposing.

10. Make it different and make it personal

Use whatever talents you have to make it specials and a just a bit different. Some people have proposed while sky diving while others have popped the question while rock climbing.  If you are musically talented, then write a song or use your skills at with the written word and write a poem. If all else fails, then on bended knee in a restaurant will do! After all, this is one case when it really is the thought that counts.

Do you have some other proposal ideas to share?

Stay happy!

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