10  Compliments for your boyfriend that he will love to hear

Your boyfriend loves to hear compliments just as much as you do, so don’t hold back, tell him how great you think he is today! The only problem is, finding the right kind of a compliment for a man can be difficult sometimes. They don’t change their hairstyle that often, shoes and clothes are not a big deal for them, and not many of them wear makeup either, so just what you do you say to a man that he will take as a compliment? To help you out, here are ten  compliments for your boyfriend that we know he will love to hear.

1. “You make me feel so safe”

Men love the idea that they are some kind of gentle giant who can protect you, but, at the same time, he can be gentle and kind to you. Tell him how safe you feel when you are with him and that tells him that you believe he can protect you, and that he’d never hurt you. This is one of those compliments for your boyfriend that will appeal to both his macho side and his ‘new man’ alter ego.

2. “You smell so manly”

Guys like to smell nice, but they also like to smell manly, so they will love to hear how you think you love the masculine way he smells. You can pass a compliment to a girl on how adorable her perfume smells, and that’s okay, but a man will want to know that his aftershave doesn’t just smell nice, he wants to hear how it also adds to his masculinity.

3. “Can you help me with this?”

Ask your boyfriend for his advice and then thank him for it and that will give a him a really subtle compliment that will make him bristle with pride. Men love to think that they come charging to the rescue of their loved one, and they don’t get a lot of chances to do that in the traditional sense now, so giving him a chance to do it by asking him for advice will be the next best thing.

4. “You make me laugh”

This is one of the best compliments for your boyfriend, but make sure he takes this one in the right way; if he has the ability to put a smile on your face and make you laugh, then that is something that he will be proud of, especially if no one else ever laughs at his jokes! Sharing a sense of humour actually shows that you have a close bond and, anyway, we could all do with a good laugh sometimes.

5. “You make me feel happy”

This is one of those simple, yet powerful compliments for your boyfriend that can really put a smile on his face. Let him know how he makes you feel and how your life has changed when you met him, and it will be a big boost to his happiness too.

6. “I could never do your job”

A lot of men don’t actually like their jobs, so telling him what he does for a living is cool, and not something that you could do, will be a boost for his ego. We all get identified by our jobs and we say things like ‘I’m an accountant’, ‘I’m a mechanic’, or ‘I’m an engineer’, so when he knows that you are proud of what he does, he will always be able to say ‘I’m a whatever’ with pride.

7. “I love your sense of style”

This is one of those great compliments for your boyfriend that can really boost his confidence. Let’s be honest, a lot of men don’t have a great sense of style and, if they manage to put on a matching pair socks, they think have the fashion thing cracked. But, his style is his own, and he will love it if he knows that you appreciate it, even if no one else does.

8. You are great around the home

Men and DIY go together like girls and makeup. When he steps back and takes a look at the shelf he just put up for you, and realises that it’s actually level this time, he gets that some sense of achievement that you did the first time you perfected your smoky eye look. Tell him how handy he is around the home and how much you admire his craftsmanship. You’ll get a lot more jobs done that way.

9. You’re a great driver

Every man likes to think he has it in him to be a formula one driver, so compliment his driving skills and you’ll make his day. Even if he is only an average driver and he drives a sensible family saloon, the next time he’s waiting at the lights, he’ll be dreaming he’s on the starting grid at the Monaco Grand Prix.

10. “Have you been working out?”

Men are not generally as body conscious as women are, but he will still like it if you notice that he does have some muscles. Whether he has actually been working out or not, this complement will always go down a treat with your boyfriend.

What are your favorite compliments for your boyfriend?

Stay happy!

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