10 Commonly Overlooked Pitfalls Of Romantic Relationships

Starting a new romance with someone? Awesome! Perhaps this time you really want to get it right. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 commonly overlook pitfalls of romantic relationships.

Relationships are not always as bright and breezy as we like to believe when we’re starry-eyed teenagers. As television shows, movies, books and Taylor Swift songs show, they’re often fraught with tension, conflict and hurtful moments. But no one who goes into a relationship wants it to fail. We all want a relationship to succeed. So why do some fall by the wayside? Why do relationships that started with love, romance and fireworks suddenly erupt like a volcano? Unfortunately, relationships are a challenge. They don’t come ready-made like your instant coffee. They’re like a huge jigsaw puzzle you have to put together. There is no gift wrapping. There is instead hard work, dedication and commitment. If you put in those three things? Your relationship can be the most wondrous, long-lasting thing you’ll ever experience. Let’s take a look at 10 commonly overlooked pitfalls of romantic relationships.

No Personal Space

Are you the kind of person who wants to do everything with your partner? Or perhaps they’re that person, whereas you want some me-time. Or maybe you’re both totally devoted to spending 100% of your time with each other. Either way, me-time is super important in a relationship. You love each other, and we get and respect that. But few – if any – relationships survive where two people literally never have a break from each other. Look, you need your privacy. You need time apart from your partner to focus on other things. You – and they – need moments for personal reflection and introspection. You need breathing space, air and time to indulge in your passions and see your friends. Me-time has lots of benefits. Make sure your relationship doesn’t skip it.

Money Woes

You always thought you could work money woes out together? It’s really hard, especially when you’ve got a cash flow problem. Money really can be the root of all evil when it comes to a relationship. Despite being one of the biggest relationship killers, it’s also one of the most commonly overlook pitfalls.

Not Sharing The Same Values

You’re a socialist and he’s a capitalist, but who cares? You’re not going to let a silly little thing like that get in the way. Except when you talk about five year plans and he tells you he wants to move to America – a country you hate. Uh-oh.

People assume that different value won’t get in the way of a relationship. They’re wrong. Different values always get in the way. If your values don’t match up, there is no way a relationship can last the distance.

Not Saying What Needs To Be Said

Got something you want to say? Then say it! When we hold our breath and don’t air our grievances, we’re storing them inside us for a rainy day. Eventually, these minor irritations will build up and we’ll explode, turning a minor problem into a big problem.

Annoyed that he never flushes the toilet chain? Tell him. Annoyed that he’s always spending money? Tell him. Annoyed that she’s always late? Tell her. Talk to each other about your issues. Perhaps put an hour aside each week to discuss your relationship, including what’s going well and what isn’t. Don’t brush things under the carpet. Get them out in the open.

Having No Date Night

Date Night might sound like a gimmick. But it’s tailor-made for busy couples who otherwise don’t spend a special night together each week. It’s so easy to skip Date Night and instead stay in and do the same old thing each week. When that happens, the relationship gets sterile, routine and boring. Make sure that you set aside at least one night per week for Date Night.

Lack Of Time

If you each knew that you were both super busy people but decided to give the relationship a go anyway, you might eventually realise that time is a massive overlooked pitfall of a romantic relationship if you don’t have enough of it. A relationship demands time. If one of you doesn’t have enough of it, the relationship simply won’t survive.

Bad Habits

Okay, so he’s got a few bad habits. So what? You can overlook them! Actually, you probably can’t. Bad habits die slowly – if they die at all. Eventually, they can ruin a relationship for good.


We know some girls who openly admit they’re the jealous type, even to their partners.

“I get SO jealous when another woman so much as looks at my man.”

The same women insist that the green-eyed monster simply means that we care about our partners and don’t want anyone else to take them off us. It’s a case of protecting what’s ours. However, jealousy can also ruin a relationship. It’s rooted in insecurity, and the more your insecurities manifest themselves, the greater the toll they take on the relationship. If you’re a jealous person, it’s important that you find ways to suppress it. Otherwise, it could be a major pitfall of your relationship.

Rushing Things

Ever rushed into dating someone because they were hot and seemed to “get you”? Many of us have. The first few weeks are amazing. We’re having so much fun! Eventually, though, it begins to dawn on us that we don’t have anything in common! We rushed into this so quickly that we didn’t assess how compatible the two of us really are. Rushing into a relationship and saying dramatic things too soon, such as “I PROMISE WE ARE FOREVER” can really bite you in the bum later on. A much better idea is to take things slowly and truly assess whether you guys are compatible or not.

Mismatched Expectations

Okay, so you want this and he wants that. Two different things, but who cares? You’ll cross that bridge when you come to it. This needs to be crossed now. If you have wildly different expectations as to where this is heading, arguments will start to arise and all the romance will be zapped.

Stay happy!

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