10 Clear Signs That Your Ex Is Not Over You

You’ve broken up with a guy and you just want to move on with your life now. As far as you’re concerned, it’s all over and there’s no going back. There’s no point even being friends. You want to cut all ties and focus on your new life.

But your ex keeps doing some seriously strange and annoying things that hint at the fact that he just isn’t over you. He calls you up in the middle of the night asking for your advice on a lump he’s found, or he “accidentally” keeps bumping into you at the mall. Despite telling him it’s all over six months ago, there are warning signs that maybe, just maybe, this guy isn’t over you.

So, if you’re unsure of whether or not he is over you or not, check out our helpful list of 10 clear signs that your ex is not over you just yet.

1. He Makes Excuses To Text You

Let’s say you’re a photographer who, naturally, knows lots of stuff about photographers. And then one day, your ex – who has never previously shown any interest in photography – sends you a text asking you who the best documentary photographers are. You know this is utterly random, and when you ask him why he wants to know, he makes some excuse like: “Oh, it’s for a college project.” You know he’s lying, and it essentially means that he’s just looking for some excuse to talk to you. The more random the texts are, the more you can be sure he isn’t over you.

2. You Bump Into Him All The Time

“Fancy seeing you here!” – he says with enthusiasm.

“Yes, fancy seeing me here at the beauty salon” – you say.

More to the point, what on earth is he doing here? If you keep running into your ex in different places, you should check your Facebook to see how many times you keep voicing your location. From now on, wherever you go, don’t report it on social media. If the little rascal keeps popping up, it means he’s stalking you. Which is a clear sign that he’s still hooked on you.

3. If He Spots You, He Won’t Leave Your Side

Normally, if you were both over each other, you wouldn’t want to linger around one another, if you happened to meet by accident. You might ask how one another is, but you’ll both be in the mood to beat a hast retreat. If he isn’t over you, though, and he bumps into you around town, he’s going to want to keep you there for as long as possible. He’ll fire out more questions than a machine gun, and he might even touch you a few times. Watch out, your ex is about.

4. His Facebook Statuses Are Depressing

“Oh my God, could anything else go wrong?!”, he laments in a status, before commenting a few minutes later that, yes, something else can go wrong, because it just has done.

Normally, when someone has been dumped they take to Facebook and make lots and lots of statuses. Even if they’ve never made a status in their life, they will become the status king, flooding your newsfeed with their words. And normally, the statuses are depressingly sad. Guys normally keep their emotions to themselves, so if you see your ex moaning about the state of his life, you know he’s still not over you. Poor chap, it’ll all blow over eventually.

5. He Still Listens To “Your” Song

You log into Spotify one day and see that your ex has been killing ‘your’ song. Hmm. Clearly not over you.

6. He Stays In Touch With Your Family

All of a sudden, he’s started commenting on your mom and dad’s photo’s on Facebook. He’s never done that before! And look at that, he’s even posting things to their timeline, recommending them articles to read!

If your ex is not over you, your family becomes his link to you. If he can’t talk to you these days, he’ll talk to your family in the hope that you’ll reconsider dumping him. Eventually, though, he’ll get the picture and will grow bored of talking to your mom about knitting. It never was his thing.

7. He Asks About You

One day, your friend comes to you and says, “Jimmy (your ex. That’s his name. Jimmy), just texted me, asking how you were.”

Gulp. That’s what you were afraid of. Because you haven’t answered his texts for a month, he’s now concerned that you’re dead and wants confirmation from your friend that you’re alive and kicking (he knows you’re alive really). This is just another ploy to get you to text him and tell that you’re doing okay, before asking how he’s doing. Don’t fall for it. Let him get over you, which he will do eventually.

8. There Are Subtle Signs

If he starts signing off text messages with a few kisses, it’s a sure sign that he’s still into you. After a break-up, the kisses should stop, and if he keeps on sticking them in there (or if he starts including more kisses), it’s an ever so subtle hint that he wants you back. There are other subtle signs too, such as posting articles to your timeline in the hope that it inspires a convo.

9. He Talks About Your Shared Memories

“Remember when we…”

No, these conversations are not the kind of convos people have when they’re over someone. You just don’t go there. You look to the future, and if you talk at all, you keep to banal, such as talking about your day or weather. You do not talk about the first time you both had intimacy, or the first time you kissed. That just shows that one of you is having difficulties moving on.

And if he says, “today is our anniversary,” you know he’s still hooked.

10. He Doesn’t Date Anymore

If he has been steadfastly single for like a year, it means he doesn’t want to move on. He might have had the chances to date someone else, but your memory is too painful. He wants you, not someone other girl who isn’t as good as you. If he is dating but hasn’t told you, that’s also another sign he still wants you back, because he’s trying not to hurt you and he hopes that you’ll take him back any day now.

Stay happy!

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