10 Clear signs that he is the one

Knowing that you are dating a great guy is one thing, but knowing that you have finally met ‘The One’ is another thing altogether. It never really happens quite the way it does in the movies, and sometimes, it can happen at the most unexpected times, but when you meet the man that you want to spend the rest of your life with, it truly is a wonderful feeling. If you have been wondering if the wonderful guy you are with could be the one, read these ten signs that will tell you he clearly is.

1. You talk about ‘we’, rather than ‘me’

The first sign that this could be the guy you have been waiting for is that you start to use the word we, far more than you the use the word me. Your priorities begin to change and they now always include your partner in your plans. It’s no longer simply a case of what you want; it’s now become what ‘we’ want.

2. You get excited when he comes home

Even if you have only been apart for a day at work, you still miss him and, when you know he is on his way home, you start to get excited about it and you look forward to hearing the sound of his key in the lock of the front door.

3. There really are fireworks

We all know the honeymoon doesn’t last forever and there is a lot more to a lasting relationship than just passion, but when you do first meet the man who will be the one, the sparks really do fly! The good communication, respect and kindness are important as well, but that initial “can’t keep your hands of each other” feeling is pretty awesome too.

4. There is nothing but honesty

When true love strikes there is no room for lies and deceit and, why should there be? In fact, you find yourself opening up your heart and telling your partner things you have never told anyone else before. When you meet the one, it feels like that, for the first time in your life, you can tell someone, even your deepest secrets and you know he will never judge you for doing so.

5. Your friends and family can see it too

Believe it or not, your friends and family will probably see that this one is a match even before you do. They will see how happy and comfortable you are together and how close you have become in a short amount of time. You will find that he is welcomed by your friends and family, simply because they are happy that you are so happy.

6. You are comfortable together

While there are those moments that the fireworks go off, there will also be the times when you feel perfectly content, doing absolutely nothing together. You are both quite happy just hanging out watching TV, or sharing the chores. It just feels good being together.

7. There are no doubts in your own mind

When you meet the one, you find that, with this guy, you never doubt his word and there is absolute no doubt or suspicion in your mind. You take what he says at face value and you never even consider the possibility that he is lying to you.

8. He is the first person you tell all your news

Whether it’s good news, bad news, or just an update on how your day went, it’s your partner that you always want to be the first person to hear about it. You want him to be a part of everything in your life and you want him to share his life with you too.

9. You are planning a future together

Without even realising that you are doing it you will begin to include your partner in all your plans for the future as well. It may a bit early yet for plans for a wedding or for children but, even so, plans for vacations, career moves, or big family events, all now definitely include him in them.

10. Your heart says YES

Above all else, you will know when you have met the one because you heart will tell you so. Nothing else will seem to matter quite so much anymore and you will be ready to commit wholeheartedly to the relationship. Quite simply, this is a romance that you will want to never end and you will know that he feels the same way too.

Stay happy!

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