10 Characteristics Of A Narcissistic Person

Think you might be a narcissist, or that you might be in a relationship with a narcissistic person? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 characteristics of a narcissistic person.

Narcissism comes with a stigma attached to it. Whenever someone accuses of us of being narcissistic, they’re basically saying we’re self-obsessed. As humans, we tend to avoid narcissistic people. It’s not a desired character trait, and is seen as the complete opposite of empathy, kindness, generosity, selflessness and care. But what does being a narcissistic person mean? Let’s take a look at 10 characteristics of a narcissistic person.

Narcissistic People Tend To Make A Good First Impression

Narcissistic people might compare unfavourably over the long term, but they tend to make a very good first impression. They are charming people who know how to court favour with other and get them on their side. They’re usually well-groomed, easy to talk to, good with words, persuasive, affable and eloquent. Narcissistic people also tend to play up to a crowd. They like to put on a performance, show off, and dress well. In other words, they like to steal the show. Do you know a person like this? If so, there is a good chance they are narcissistic.

Narcissistic People Think They Are Better Than Anyone Else

Really easy to find out if a person might have narcissistic tendencies? Try to criticise them. Tell them they aren’t that good at something. Most people can take criticism quite well. We don’t always like receiving criticism, but we don’t see it as a personal insult, nor do we assume it means that we’re not the God we thought we were.

One of clear characteristics of a narcissistic person is that they basically think they are a divinity. Any opinion or criticism that challenges this can do some serious harm to their ego. Challenging a narcissist perceived sense of how good they are at something can be both revealing and startling. Just watch how badly they react! Be careful, though – they might get angry!

Narcissistic People Rarely Hang Out Alone

Ever seen your friend at the cinema by themselves? Ever gone to the cinema by yourself? Ever leave the house alone by yourself, like ever?! If not, you guys might be narcissists.

Narcissists don’t like to be seen by themselves. Being seen in public alone is actually their worst nightmare! A narcissist likes to make a status with an entourage of people around them at all times. Like Beyonce, they need to be seen in public with their squad. Being seen without it leaves them exposed and vulnerable. It also weakens their perceived status. And if a narcissist can’t hang out with their own squad today? No problem. They’ll just go and find another one! Even if it means taking their whole squad to the dentist, they’ll do it!

Narcissistic People Don’t Really Care About You

“Are you done? Okay, back to me.”

Another one of clear characteristics of a narcissistic person is that these kind of people will give you little air time to talk about yourself, and once you’re done, they’ll shift the conversation right back to them. Sometimes, they won’t even wait for you to finish, but will instead interrupt you and break your flow. They’re bored already.

Narcissistic People Have Low Self-Esteem

Yes, we know this characteristic of a narcissistic person sounds like a contradiction. After all, how could a person who loves themselves possibly have low self-esteem? However, the psychological makeup of a narcissist is complicated, and you shouldn’t take things at face value. While narcissistic people tend to be brash and aim high, it’s often all a cover for their deep-seated sense of insecurity. Perhaps this can explain why you’ll find a lot of narcissistic people in positions of power. It’s as though they need that sense of power to help them forget their insecurities. It also might be why you notice narcissists working so hard to impress people, and get them believe how awesome they are.

Narcissistic People Are Defensive

Narcissistic people go on the attack – but they also go on the defensive. A lot. Criticise a narcissist – even constructively – and you’ll be on the receiving end of a verbal backlash. It’s because narcissists have fragile egos. Anything that challenges their view of themselves as basically being a supreme being is going to set them off, and they must therefore do everything within their power to prove you wrong. Anything that questions their competence will rattle them. So watch out!

Narcissistic People Do Things To Make Themselves Look Good

Would you consider flying halfway around the world just to make yourself look cool and awesome? A narcissist would! They do big things simply to gain status and look great in front of others.

Narcissistic People Love To Name Drop

They’ve worked with some awesome people, and they’e going to make sure you know it. Over and over again.

Narcissistic People Don’t Like To Be Countered

Imagine if you’re with a group of friends and someone makes a point out loud to everyone. To you, it seems like a fairly valid point. However, someone disagrees. And says so. The person who made the point begins to seethe with rage and insults the person who tactfully disagreed with them. What does this mean? It means you’ve got a narcissist in your midst! Narcissists don’t like to be disagreed with, and they don’t like to have their opinions challenged. Narcissists are thus hard to work with, because literally anything can set them off.

Narcissistic People Have Poor Interpersonal Skills

Narcissists don’t always see you as a human being in your own right. A lot of the time, they see you as an extension of themselves. As such, narcissists tend to elevate themselves above the rest of us, put themselves first, and expect us all to bow to their demands and infinite greatness. You might have noticed this in the workplace. Perhaps you work with someone who expects to always keep up with them, put in as much work as they do, and basically be just like themselves.

Do you know other characteristics of a narcissistic person?

Stay happy!

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