10 Big Turn-Offs To Men That Women Don’t Know About

Don’t seem to be having any luck with the guys? It could be that you’re doing things that really turn him off. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 10 big turn-offs to men that you don’t know about.

You know how picky you are when it comes to guys. There are things they do or say that you just don’t like.

It’s like a dating site profile. It could be looking like a really great profile until eventually you come across something that’s always been a deal breaker for you.

Guys are the same. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t find everything about us amazing and perfect and fabulous. As it turns out, there are things we do that turn them off!

Shock horror right?!

Knowledge is power. By reading this article you’ll be able to gain a deeper insight into the complex machinery of a man’s mind (yes, there is more to it than beer and sports) and discover the things you might be doing that are turning him off.

Big Tattoos

Yes, tattoos are more popular than ever and we’re living in the middle of the tattoo age. But while guys like tattoos, a lot of them find HUGE ones a massive turn-off.

We’re talking about tramp stamps, the kind of tattoos that are clearly visible on your body. For example, a huge face on your back, or a roaring, burning fire on your neck. They look cool, but do guys wanna date girls with these big tattoos?

Bad Language

On a similar note, guys aren’t always that impressed when you can swear like a sailor. You might think that being able to swear more than a bearded, tattooed hipster is impressive – but to a lot of guys it’s very un-lady-like and not attractive.

Long Fingernails

When we let our fingernails grow really long, who are we trying to impress? Guys? Our friends? Who?

Or maybe we grow our nails to look and feel really girly.

Either way, if you’re growing your fingernails to impress guys, you’ll have to rethink your motives because just isn’t interested.

Yup, fingernails, far from turning him on, actually turn him off.

And in fact, they kind of scare him a little bit.

After all, put yourself in his shoes. Can you imagine being touched, held and more by someone who has long, sharp and pointy fingernails?

Just like you bristle when his virtually non-existent beard pricks your lips, consider how he feels when you claw him with your nails.

Pretending To Be Dumb

We’ve all done it at some point, haven’t we? We’ve played dumb to get some attention from a guy. For some girls, it’s their secret weapon. After all, getting attention from a man can be really hard work sometimes.

But did you know that guys prefer it when you act smart?

Yep, despite this whole idea that guys are a bit dumb themselves sometimes (sorry, guys!), they actually want their girls to have brains.

And they hate it when you play dumb. It’s obvious and a major turn-off. So act as smart as you really are!

Too Much Perfume

Of course a guy wants you to smell nice, and he loves it when you dab some perfume on yourself. It shows him that you’re making an effort.

But if you literally smell like a perfume shop, he’s going to be a lot less impressed.

Perfume, when piled on you, can be really overpowering to other people. Even after you left the room five minutes ago they can still smell you. And that isn’t attractive.

Moreover, some guys are a tad allergic to perfume. Too much of it can aggravate their throat, or give them a headache. So just be sensible and tone things down.

Using Your Phone A Lot

It’s remarkable how much girls are glued to their phones. The next time you get on a bus or a train, take a look around to see what the girls are doing. There’s a good chance that most of them – if not all – will be tapping away on their phones.

And it really bugs guys who are hanging out with them.

We know how it is for you, though. You’ve got to check if anyone has like your new pic yet. You need to reply to comments. You need to scroll up and down your Facebook feed.

When you’re hanging out with a guy, though, try to put the brakes on all this. He’ll really appreciate it. He wants you to be sharing the moment with him.

Drinking More Beer Than Them

Now that real ale is experiencing a cultural renaissance, it’s accepted that girls drink beer just like guys do. But while ale might be your tipple of choice, it’s generally a turn-off if you can drink him under the table.

And then burp really loudly afterwards.


Yes, girls love a good gossip. Not all girls, of course. But some of us definitely do. Is there anything wrong with that? Well, not really. We enjoy getting together with our friends and having a good gossip over a coffee.

But guys are different. For one reason or another, they’re not really into gossip. They interpret it as a sign that you’re untrustworthy and that you’re a negative person. Rather than join you in the conversation, they’ll try to change the subject instead.


Thought being jealous showed how much you like him? Think again. It just makes him think you’re insecure.

Being Helpless

Got it into your head that guys love forlorn, helpless maiden who need guys to come and rescue them?

Well, sure, guys like being able to fix stuff. They like being there for you, and protecting you. But sometimes this helpless act can go too far, and the reality is that guys prefer women who can get stuff done.

Yup, as it turns out, guys don’t like it when you literally can’t do anything except paint your nails. If you need help with every little thing, it’s going to really annoy them.

Stay happy!

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