10 Beneficial and healthy changes to make to your relationship when you feel that it’s getting colder

Even the best of relationships can lose their spark. After all, if you’ve been together a long time, there are hardly going to be many surprises left in store for you, so things can become a bit staid and boring. But, as we know, relationships need work and there are things that you can do to bring the warmth back into a cooling romance. Here are ten ways you can bring the warmth back, when you feel that the relationship is getting a bit cold:

1. Take a look at the issues together

As with many things in life, admitting you have a problem is the first step to curing it. Spend some time looking at why you think that your relationship is getting cold and make a plan to solve those issues. Talk to your partner about your fears and what you don’t like, but be prepared to listen to him too.

2. Make the relationship your priority

If you want to get your relationship back on track, then you are both going to have to make it a priority. Get home from work on time, spend more time together and don’t forget that if the relationship is important to you, then it is worth putting some effort into.

3. Discuss your dreams, aspirations and goals with your partner

When did you last sit down together and talk about the things that you would like to do? Discuss your dreams and goals with each other and try to work together to achieve them. It could be one of the the things that puts the spark back into the relationship.

4. Make time for each other

Set aside time for just the two of you to enjoy each other’s company. Look at the things that you currently do alone and see if you couldn’t do them together. Even something like shopping can be a shared and fun experience.

5. Don’t blame nor criticize each other

Don’t let your efforts to rekindle the relationship become a blame game. He works too much, she has more time for her friends than for him…all of that won’t solve the problem, so avoid criticism and harsh words about the past, concentrate on what you are going to do to put it right.

6. Write down what you love about each other

Put the negatives to one side for a moment and think instead about the positives. Make a list of all the things that you love about your partner and the good memories that you have. It will help you to remember why the relationship is worth working on.

7. Express your love and care for each other every day

You may not have done it for a while, but try saying ‘I love you’ more often. Research has shown that expressing your love regularly, whether it is through words, tender touches or gifts, is an important part of building a strong relationship. Text messages, emails or say it out loud! Just let each other know that you still care.

8. Don’t forget the romantic evenings

Don’t reserve candlelight dinners just for Valentine’s Day, you can have a romantic evening together any time of the year. Dating is another habit that is often forgotten, so treat yourselves to some nights out together again, just like you used to do.

9. Be intimate again

The physical side of a relationship is also very important. Couples need physical contact to stay close, so show your affection with kisses, cuddles and holding hands. Physical intimacy is important too, so if you are having problems in the bedroom, then talk about it, honestly and openly.

10. Be consistent

This isn’t going to be solved by one peck on the cheek or one nice evening out, it will be a long term process. Grand gestures are great, but the real warmth will be found in the small gestures and efforts that you make, so keep it up every day, and it will pay off in the end.

Do you have some other relationship tips to share?

Stay happy!

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