10 Beautiful, small romantic gestures every woman will love

Despite what people might say, being a gentleman never goes out of fashion and any woman deserves to be treated like a lady. It’s the gentlemen of this world that know how important the gestures of love and consideration are, and here are ten of those beautiful love gestures that will melt the heart of any lady:

1. Make the bed when you stay overnight

A little bit of practical help goes a long way, so making the bed, while she’s in the shower, is a really sweet gesture that she will appreciate.

2. Walking her to the door

Early in a relationship, a real gentleman will always walk a girl to her door or to her car. It’s so much more romantic than a quick: ‘Hey, that was great, catch you later’ and leaving her standing on a street corner.

3. Holding the door and letting her go first

Holding open door and letting the lady go first is another one of small romantic gestures and it’s just the right thing to do. It shows love and respect, all in one simple action.

4. Making an effort to get on with her parents

A girl will really appreciate a guy who tries to get along with her family. Gifts for her mother and ‘man chats’ with her father will all help gain that vital acceptance by the, potentially, future in-laws.

5. Standing up for her in public

Even if a man knows that his girlfriend is in the wrong, he will always stand up for her in public. He will keep his cool, argue her case, and then tell her later that she may have made a mistake.

6. Buy her the things that she loves

She will also love the man who knows what she wants. Not necessarily the big and expensive things, but her favourite treats, music or movies. A man, who wants to make an impression, will take notice of these things, and remember them.

7. Giving her your coat when she gets caught in the rain

Girls don’t always wear practical clothes on a night out, so when she gets caught in a shower of rain, a gentleman’s coat can be draped over her shoulders to keep her dry. It’s a lovely and simple romantic gesture that says, ‘that’s Ok, you’re more important than me, I don’t mind getting wet’.

8. Stopping an argument with a kiss

When she’s really mad at you, a great way to end a fight is with a simple, loving kiss. It’s really cute and loveable, but a guy shouldn’t do it too often, or it will lose its effect.

9. Treating her right in a restaurant

Being chivalrous in a restaurant can make a girl feel special too. Things like pulling out her chair for her when she sits down, letting her order first and always offering to pay, all these things will make her night out that little bit extra special.

10. Giving her a loving kiss

A gentle kiss on the forehead or cupping her head in your hands as you kiss her, is a simple romantic gesture that a lady will love, and it’s a lovely and gentle way to show that she is loved.

A relationship is not all about passion and bedroom, and being able to show a more sensitive, romantic side, is the perfect way to a lady’s heart.

Stay happy!

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