10 Beautiful intimate moments we all would love to experience

However old we get, there are still those beautiful, intimate moments that we would all love to experience, the ones that can only happen when you are really close to someone. Some of those moments, are sadly once in a lifetime thing, like the first time we have really fallen in love, but all of them are something that everyone should get the chance to experience, at least, once in their life. Here are ten of those tender and intimate moments:

1. A hug when you need it

Not all intimate moments need to be between partners and one of the best can come from a friend. When you’re feeling low or sad, then an unexpected hug from a friend can be just what you needed to pick you up and it’s a lovely way of saying that they care.

2. A kiss when you are crying

When you are really upset and the tears are welling in your eyes, a gentle kiss from your lover may not take all the pain away, but it goes a long way to help. It’s a beautiful and intimate moment when you find that he loves you so much, he just wants to kiss that sadness away.

3. Talking into the night

When the night creeps up on you and you haven’t even noticed, then that is an intimate moment to be treasured. You find yourself so engrossed in your conversation that you haven’t even bothered to switch on the lights and that is when you really start to open up to someone and start to share some secrets.

4. Holding hands

Holding hands is such an innocent gesture, with no suggestive or passionate connotations whatsoever, and yet, it’s such a gentle and intimate one. It shows that you don’t want to be too far away from that person, that you care about them and you trust them. They are just where you want them to be, right at your side.

5. Falling asleep together

Nothing demonstrates your trust in a person as much, as being able to fall asleep in their arms. You feel warm, content and safe enough to let down all your guards and you will only do that with someone who is really special to you.

6. Comfortable silence, while looking into each other’s eyes

There is a lot to be said about the importance of good communication in a relationship, but sometimes silence really can be golden. Sitting in silence and looking into each other’s eyes isn’t only a sign of a lack communication, it can be just that you are so both content and comfortable, and there is really no need for any words.

7. Sharing food

They might be only cartoon characters in the spaghetti sharing scene in ‘The lady and the Tramp’ but sharing food is a real sign of intimacy. To say to someone, ‘this is really good, try some’, is saying ‘this is really good, but I’m prepared to share it with you’. When a guy is prepared to share his food, he must really care!

8. Fond farewells

It’s a lovely feeling when someone makes a fuss when you are going away and it’s more than just the goodbye kiss. It’s also all the checking that you have got everything you need and then, telling you to be careful…all this tells you that, not only are they going to miss you, but they care enough to worry about you too.

9. Not wanting the day to end

Have you ever found yourself clock watching? Not because you have somewhere else to be, but because you just don’t want the day to end. These are moments to be savoured, when you are so happy that to go to sleep right now would just be an unbearable torture.

10. A special slow dance

You can slow dance with anyone: your brother, a friend or your dad, and that’s not particularly special or intimate. But, when you dance with a guy and the rest of the world disappears around you, so that all you know is him and the music, then that is an intimate moment to treasure!

What other beautiful intimate moments we all would love to experience?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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