10 Beautiful and chivalrous things we wish guys would still do

Is chivalry dead? Not quite! There are still guys out there who let the ladies go first and don’t cuss and swear in front of a girl. Sadly, though there are many more men, who think that equality means being rude, so here’s a reminder of ten of the chivalrous things men used to do and most of us wish they still would:

1. Intervene in unpleasant situations

It used to be that, if a girl was getting grief from a drunken guy on a bus, then another man would come to her rescue. Nowadays, it is more likely that everyone else on the bus will suddenly spot something very interesting out the bus window! Come on guys, step up!

2. Open doors for ladies and let her go first

Opening a door and letting lady go first used to be standard practice. It’s just courteous and nice. Whether it’s for a guy’s partner or a complete stranger, it would still be great to see this one make a comeback.

3. Picking a girl up for a date and walking her home

There never used to be any of this: ‘I’ll meet you there’ and then, at the end of a date, ‘catch you later’. A gentleman always picked his date up and made sure she got safely home too.

4. Offering his jacket when you are cold

If you’ve gone out in your finest clothes and the weather takes a turn for the worse, it’s such a kind and thoughtful gesture, if the guy wraps his jacket around your shoulders to keep you warm.

5. Pulling out a lady’s chair at a restaurant

It doesn’t take a lot of effort on the man’s part, but pulling out a girl’s chair is another chivalrous act that has disappeared. It’s a lovely way for a guy to show that he cares and that he thinks of his girl, as a real lady.

6. Carry the bags

A man shouldn’t behave like he’s a girl servant, but men are generally stronger, than the women. Carrying someone’s bag for them, even if it’s not really that heavy, used to be the natural thing to do and it was a sweet and chivalrous way to help a girl out.

7. Give up his seat for a woman

You didn’t used to have to be pregnant or elderly for a man to give up his seat for you in a bus, they would have done it anyway. You should always give up your seat for someone who has difficulty standing, but wouldn’t it be nice, if men did it for the girls again too.

8. Bringing the car when it’s raining

A man can just run his hands through his hair to fix it, but a girl puts a lot of effort into her hair and makeup. So guys, bring the car around, when it’s raining!

9. Ask a girl out properly

It’s not very romantic to send a girl a text asking her, if she wants to ‘hang out’. What’s that supposed to mean? Why not do it properly and phone her to ask her out on a date? It’s more polite and everybody knows exactly where they stand.

10. Bringing gifts in a first date

Giving girls flowers or a gift on a first date is a really nice way for a guy to show that he is talking the date seriously – another one of those chivalrous acts that is sadly dying out.

What are other beautiful and chivalrous things do you wish guys would still do?

Feel free to share your thoughts, tips and relationship advice in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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  1. Jenna
    July 18, 2014 at 4:00 am

    yes i agree!

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