10 Bad relationship mistakes many women make

How to maintain a healthy relationship? We all make mistakes, but some mistakes that people make in relationships are so common, that you would have thought that we all know how to avoid them by now. But still these same mistakes are being made and we are all probably guilty of making some of them. Here are ten of the worst mistakes that all women will make in relationships, at some point:

1. You expect him to mind read

One of the most common mistakes that girls make is that they expect their man to ‘know things’ instinctively. He should know that you love him. He should have known you were upset. He should know what you like and dislike. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work and old fashioned talking is the only remedy for this!

2. You get jealous with no grounds to be

Jealousy, especially when it is completely unfounded, will always cause friction in a relationship. He can’t possibly go through life never talking to another girl, so give your man some credit and show him your trust. If his actions are upsetting you, then talk to him calmly about it, but don’t make random accusations, they will just drive him away.

3. You don’t allow him enough space of his own

Give him some space when he’s in a bad mood, he’ll deal with it his own way, when he’s ready. Men are not too good at discussing their emotions and if you crowd him, you’ll-just make it worse. A woman’s natural instinct is to help, but sometimes it is best not try and help too much, too soon.

4. You bug him with questions, when he’s having a quiet moment

Another thing that women don’t realize is that men need their down time. He needs his, sit and do nothing moments, and if you hit him with serious questions, out of the blue, he’s going to get confused, flustered and irritable. Pick your moments wisely and you will get some meaningful answers to your questions!

5. You don’t tell him what’s wrong

If you don’t tell him what he has done wrong, then he will never know. Many women think he should know what he has done to upset them and will then answer the question ‘what’s wrong?’ with a disgruntled ‘nothing’! There is little else that is more infuriating to a man, than this.

6. You spend too much time with your friends

Everyone needs their friends and time for themselves, but some girls appear to favour their friends above their partner. Don’t forget that he has feelings and needs care and attention too; and don’t assume that because he loves you, spending more time with your friends, than with him will be OK.

7. You let yourself go

You can’t just let yourself go, because you are in a stable relationship. Lots of women make the mistake of thinking that they can forget about their appearance at home when, if anything, they should be trying even harder. You need to keep that buzz and attraction alive, to keep the relationship interesting for the both of you.

8. You have no life outside the relationship

Having said that it would be a mistake to spend too much time with your friends, it is also important to maintain a life of your own outside of the relationship. Focussing all your time and attention on the relationship is not only bad for you, it will also make your man feel suffocated.

9. You get too comfortable

Getting too settled and too comfortable could equally be called becoming too boring. A common mistake is to assume that because you are happy, your man must be too. Not all men are ready for a completely domesticated life, so remember to still go out, try new things and do things together. Staying in every night is not fun for everyone.

10. You rush him into having children

You feel settled, you’re happy, so now it’s time for the children! Whoa there! Make sure that you are both ready for children, before you start decorating the nursery. It’s a big step for anyone, so don’t just assume that he’s ready, because you are.

What other relationship mistakes many women make?

Stay happy!

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