What will happen if you go a week with no TV?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without TV? Well, according to one study, Americans spend an average of just under 35 hours a week looking at a television and that’s almost the same amount of time that you spend at work! No one is going to dare to suggest that you give up TV for good, but, what if you kept it switched off, for just one week? Here are ten positive things that might happen if you went without TV for just one single week.

1. You will eat more mindfully 

Numerous studies have proven that eating while watching the TV, makes you appreciate your food less and eat more. If you have no TV to distract you, you might spend more time and effort preparing your food, and you will take more time eating and enjoying it. As studies have also shown that there is a definite link between obesity and eating in front of the TV, you might even lose a little weight too.

2. You might learn something new

Groucho Marx once said: “I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.” During your week of no TV, you could read at least one good book and expand your knowledge a little.

3. You might become a little smarter

Watching too much TV slows down your brain, so a week’s break might sharpen your mind too. When we watch television, our minds go into a semi-shutdown state and our higher brain functions begin to diminish. That lack of brain usage can have a long term effect, so one week TV free, will sharpen up your mind.

4. You will be less depressed about the world

TV news broadcasts love to show us the worst of things that are happening in the world, so you would get a break from that never ending stream of bad news too. You will be able to spend more time doing enjoyable things and spend less time worrying about all the woes of the world.

5. You will sleep better

According to the National Sleep Foundation, TV disrupts our sleep patterns, because it emits light, even when it’s dark outside, which makes the brain think that it’s still the daytime. Some TV programs can also just over-stimulate the brain, at exactly the same time of day that we should be winding down. Skip the TV and read a book instead, and you will get to sleep far quicker.

6. You will spend more time with your family

Switch off your TV and guess what? You and your family will start to talk to each other more. Your teenage children might not like the idea at first, but once they realise that they won’t actually die of TV starvation, they might open up and discuss things with you more.

7. You will feel more content with your own life

The flip side to the depressing news broadcasts is the rest of the programming that bombards you with images of people who appear to have everything. They wear designer clothes, their kids are perfect and they have the perfect job. Switch off the TV for a week and you will miss all the ads that tell you what you must have, and you will realise that what you do have is pretty good too.

8. You will re-connect with friends

When you leave the TV switched off for a week, Instead of picking up the remote control when you get bored, you will pick up the telephone and phone a friend. It will teach that while all your favourite programmes are entertaining, nothing at all can beat real life.

9. It will be better for your eyesight

Give your eyes a rest form the TV and they will thank you for it too. Staring at a TV screen for too long strains the eyes and too much TV will cause you to need to wear spectacles. Many of us spend far too much time staring at computer screens already, without staring at a TV screen all evening as well.

10. You will have far more time on your hands and you will become more productive

Have you ever gone to bed wondering where the day went? That could be the effect of TV on your on your life. Many people get home, switch on the TV and, before they know it, the day has passed. That time you have spent watching TV could have been used for going for a walk, reorganising your life, making some important decisions, or just hanging out with friends and family. No one is suggesting that we give up TV altogether, but a week off, might open up your eyes to some alternatives.

Stay happy!

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