10 Reasons Why It’s Good To Wake Up Early In The Morning

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

     – Ben Franklin

Recently, a friend asked me what I thought all the world’s most successful people had in common. I had to sit back for a few minutes and really think about the question.

Together, we came up with a few answers: Motivation, drive, energy, inspiration, moxie and so on. All the obvious ones if I’m being honest.

But the one answer that really stood out was that successful people all wake up early in the morning. We both looked a bit sheepish because we both knew that, although we each wanted to be successful, we were more than a little guilty of waking up late. We were not what you’d call morning people. I liked lying in until past 10am when I’m not working, while my friend (who works as a freelancer) admits she doesn’t get out of bed until 11am even when she’s got to work.

But together we made a pact that morning to wake up earlier for the next week to see what would happen. It was a little experiment to see if it would add value to our lives.

And I have to say that the results were amazing. I’m now going to share with you 10 reasons why it’s a good idea to wake up early in the morning.

Your Breakfast Becomes Amazing

“I’ve just gotten up up at 10am, of course I haven’t got time to put together an amazingly healthy breakfast!” you scream, even though it’s actually 10.30am.

And so you grab that old jam jar again and spread it on a slice of burnt toast. Hmm.

Waking up earlier means you don’t need to skimp over breakfast. Instead, you can prepare for the day ahead in the right way by eating like a king (or queen).

You’ve Got A Competitive Edge

Head honcho at Tesla Elon Musk once said that if you can do in three months what it takes others to achieve in a whole year, you’ve got a competitive advantage. You’re already winning.

If you wake up late and stumble into the kitchen at 10.30am to make your “morning” coffee, you’re already way behind everyone else.

Waking up at the crack of dawn means you’re ahead. While your competitors are still snoring and switching off their snooze buttons, you’re already firing off emails. You’re making a great start!

Your Productivity Soars

When you start work early, you’re motivated to keep on going. You’ve already blasted your way through all the hard stuff, and now it’s time to double down on everything else.

The earlier you start, the faster you get things done.

You Greet The Day

One thing I’ve learned to do by waking up earlier is greet the day.

When you wake up late, it’s hard to greet the day. You’re in a rush to pour your cereal and drink your cup of Joe. You’ve got no time to salute the sun and give thanks to the morning air that you breathe.

Now that I wake up earlier, I’m able to put aside just a minute or two to bless myself and be thankful for being alive for yet another day.

I like to say a little prayer along the lines of “Today, I am glad to be alive again. I’m precious, and life is precious, and I’m going to partake and cherish this miracle, developing myself, improving myself, and fulfilling my potential.”

Believe it or not, this works. A LOT. It puts you in the right frame of mind needed to seize the day.

You Become Disciplined

I always found it hard to wake up earlier when I was younger. If I felt like I didn’t have to wake up early, I’d stay in bed.

Waking up earlier promotes self-mastery and discipline. The more you wake up earlier, the more you’ll be able to master various other parts of your life.

You Start The Day In The Right Way

When you wake up late, you’re essentially starting the day in the wrong way. You’re getting off on the wrong foot. You’re in a rush to rinse your face, clean your teeth, and get out of the house.

And something always goes wrong. The dog has been sick during the night and you’ve got to clean it up, losing more time. Your kids won’t comply and take an eternity to get ready for school. And so on.

How you start the day is important and sets the tone for your whole day. Get off on the right foot, and your day will be amazing.

And the easiest way to get off on the right foot is by waking up earlier.

You’ve Got More Time

You’ve got more time, but it’s important that you use that extra time wisely.

For example, I am now able to exercise each day without it cutting into my working hours. I’m also able to finish work at a decent hour and read more books. This has extended my knowledge base massively. And it’s all down to waking up earlier.

Because The Morning Is So Peaceful

The only noises you hear are the joyful birds singing that remind you how wonderful life is. Maybe you’ll hear distant engines of one or two passing cars.

But there’ll certainly be no kids yelling in the street, no builders digging for gold with their noisy machines, no traffic honking its collective horns, and no television sets blaring.

The morning is the most peaceful time of the day. Whether you use it to send some emails or whether you just use it to reflect and enjoy the silence, it’s a great time of the day.

The Sunrise Is Inspiring

I rarely saw a sunrise before I started waking up earlier. I’d heard all about a sunrise, and I’d seen some amazing pictures, but I figured that all sunrises are the same, and once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

How wrong I was.

People who wake up late are missing out one of the best FREE shows in town. Never mind the breakfast news, the sunrise is the perfect way to start a day. The various brilliant colours it emits send shivers down your spine, reminding you how awesome nature is. It really does put you in the mood to have a great day. Try it!

Less Stress

Waking up earlier means you no longer need to get to 6PM with a long list of things that still need to be done.

Instead, you finished all your chores at 2PM, and can now take it easy.

Stay happy!


  1. Jannah
    June 25, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    please give me tips on how to fade acne scars and dark spots on face for sensitive skin

    • Beauty And Tips
      June 25, 2016 at 8:23 pm

      We will have an article on this subject shortly, so stay tuned 🙂

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