10 Fabulous Lifestyle Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

We’d all prefer it if we could manager our daily experience more efficiently. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could optimise our life so that we’re getting more done quicker?

It’s not always easy. After all, when we’re given the choice to do something the fast way or the right way, many of us are a little guilty of choosing the fast way, which often involves cutting corners. As a result, our life isn’t really improved. We’ve got to where we wanted to get a bit quicker – but with a bit less quality.

This is where lifestyle hacks come in: A lifestyle hack presents a really neat solution to a very annoying problem. Lifestyle hacks are meant to reward you by helping you do things the fast way AND the right way.

See, it’s the little things that annoy us and slow us down, such as losing our keys, or not getting enough sleep at night. For this reason, Beauty And Tips have decided to let you in on 10 fabulous lifestyle hacks that will improve your life no end. Let’s take a look!

Get More Out Of Your Microwave

Microwaves are really great at heating up food really quickly. But where they disappoint is in their size; you can only fit one bowl in at a time. This slows you down, meaning you’re effectively spending way too much time heating food up, especially if you’ve got kids and a partner to feed.

Not anymore. Instead of heating up one bowl at a time like they did in the olden days, you can now heat two up at the same time by placing one of your bowls on top of a cup.

Tip: Make sure the cup and the bowl compliment each other. The last thing you want is a very dodgy balancing act that lands in tears.

Lose The Shirt Wrinkles

If your clothes are wrinkled, you could get the ironing board out, wait for the iron to warm up, and slave over some hardcore ironing for 10 minutes.

Or you could just throw your wrinkled clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes with some ice cubes.

Just saying.

The Lego Butler

Everyone loved Lego as a kid.

Stop raising your hand to overrule me: EVERYONE loved Lego as a kid. Even you. Yes, you did.

Okay? Good.

Well, now you’re going to love Lego even more.

As great as Lego was when we were kids, we pretty much just followed the box instructions to build something with it. Rarely did we rebel and consider using Lego as our own personal butler.

But if you hook a lego station up to wherever you do your work, you can actually hook your keys up to it. Those little holes are perfect for slotting your key chain through, which proves to be dead useful whenever you need to nip out quickly. Moreover, a little Lego man with his little Lego arms proves equally adept at holding onto your cables for you, such as your phone charger and anything else you can think of!

Candle Lighter

Fed up of burning the tips of your fingers as you light a hard-to-reach candle? Then do it the easy way by lighting a stick of spaghetti and lighting the wick with it.

A Comfy Cat Box At Your Workstation

If you’ve got a cat and you work from homes (or play video games), you know how annoying it is when they suddenly decide they want to annoy you. While you’re trying to complete a really important document, they just stride across your workstation without a care in the world, demanding that you pay attention to them. After all, they’re the centre of the Universe.

It doesn’t have to be this way. To resolve this everlasting problem that even Isaac Newton struggled with, you can make a little bit of room on your desk for a small cardboard box and wait for your cat to snuggle up inside it, where they will camp for hours. Brilliant!

Fridge Picture

I loathe my weekly grocery shop. Loathe it. Why do I loathe it? Because I’m always forgetting something.

And, yes, I hate writing lists. It takes up way too much time.

So what do I do instead? I take photo’s of my fridge and cupboards just after I’ve done a shop, silly. Doing this renders shopping lists obsolete, and it ensures that you’re not going to forget anything.

Except the cat food, of course.

The Perfect BLT

A Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich doesn’t really work if the toast is done wrong. If the toast is hard on the outside and on the inside, your BLT just isn’t going to be as good as it can be. Sure, it’s palatable but only just. You’re eating it but you’re not really enjoying it. All you can think is, “Oups. This should be better. I’m so missing out here.”

To get the elusive perfect BLT, you need the inside of the toast to be soft. For this to happen, you need to slot two slices of bread together into a single slot in your toaster.

It sounds so obvious that you’re now grumping and saying you were going to do that anyway. Yeah, right …

Stopping The Popsicle From Melting

Popsicles are one of my all-time favourite summer things. I loved them as a kid, as a teenager, and I still love them now that I’m a fully-grown adult.

But the annoying thing about popsicles is that the melt really quickly, especially in 35 degrees of heat. What happens then is that your fingers get coated in sticky fruit juices. It’s not cool.

To stop this from happening ever again, just implement this really simple solution: Stick a cupcake liner up through the bottom of your stick so that it sits at the base of your popsicle. Then, when the popsicle starts to melt, the cupcake liner will catch all the drips!

Yes, you can thank me now.

The Perfect Iced Coffee

Iced coffee normally sucks because it’s always so watered down. To stop this from happening, try putting coffee in an ice tray. It’s so obvious!

Make Your Kitchen Bigger

If your kitchen is really small, it can make cooking a pain. Having little room is indeed one of the things that puts many of us off from experimenting with food because there just isn’t enough space to slice this, chop that, bake this, and fry that.

If you’ve no room for your chopping board, why not pull your kitchen drawers out and place the board on top? Magic.

What are your favourite ways to improve your life?

Stay happy!

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