Is watching TV bad for you? Good reasons why you should stop watching TV

A recent survey of American TV viewers found that the average American spends almost as much time watching TV in a week, as they spend at work. You think that’s a crazy figure, but work out how much TV you watch and you might well get a shock. There is nothing wrong with watching TV, unless it begins to rule life, and then you are probably missing out on a lot of the other things that you could be doing with your time, which is one of the most valuable assets you have. So, if you think that you are becoming a TV addict, read these ten good reasons why you should be watching less:

1. It can be depressing

Advertisers and many of the programme makers love to depict an ideal world, such as happy ever after endings and perfect Christmas holidays. But for many people, their world just doesn’t quite fit in that picture and watching too much TV can make us feel inadequate and it can be quite depressing, being given the feeling that we are, in some way, ‘not normal’.

2. Too much TV is bad for your health

Most people now have jobs that keep them tied to a desk; so, when they spend their free time sitting in front of the TV they are just making matters worse. When you sit, the muscles in your body start to switch off and the modern sedentary lifestyle has played a big part in creating the modern epidemic of obesity.

3. It kills social interaction

Human beings need social interaction and, even if you watch TV with your family, once the TV is switched on, all social interaction tends to stop. You could be doing things together, or going out with friends and getting a lot more out of life.

4. It slows down your mental activity

Let’s face it, when you’re watching your favourite soap or the latest reality TV show, you don’t need to do a lot of thinking. Studies have shown that prolonged TV viewing can have a long term slowing down effect on your brain and it can lead you to having a short attention span.

5. It install wrong subconscious programs in you and can make you buy things that you don’t need

You might think that you can ignore the ads on TV, but you are wrong. Companies spend millions of dollars on TV advertising, because they know it works and you will be influenced by ads, even if it is subconsciously.

6. It influences your view of the world

Ask any doctor, lawyer or policeman if TV shows portray their profession accurately and they will probably laugh out loud. Television rarely depicts life accurately, but people can begin to believe that all they see on TV is true to life, and it isn’t.

7. It costs you money

We tend to think of TV as a cheap form of entertainment, or even a free one. But, when you add up the cost of the electricity, channel subscriptions, DVD’s and the TV itself, then you are starting to talk about some real money.

8. You rarely learn anything

You could argue that watching TV teaches you about the world around you, but you rarely really learn anything new from TV. Television is generally directed at the mass market, so even factual programmes don’t go into a topic in any depth and, anyway, most of the time you are probably not really concentrating on what you are watching.

9. You achieve less in real life, as television has been linked to lower life satisfaction

TV cannot be a substitute for real life, although TV producers go out of their way to make you relate to the characters and to want to follow them. Research has shown that people who watch too much TV are generally less satisfied with their own lives and often suffer from high levels of anxiety, because they are not achieving things in their own life, they are only watching other people’s lives from a distance.

10. Because most of it is rubbish!

How many avid television viewers have you heard saying that there is nothing good on TV, yet they watch it all evening, every evening! The production quality of TV may have gone up, but the quality and depth of programmes are steadily declining. You’d be much better off reading a good book!

Is watching TV bad for you? Do you know some other reasons why we should stop watching TV?

Stay happy!

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