How To Stay Calm And Don’t Freak Out In Any Situation?

Are you the kind of person who quickly freaks out in stressful situations? It’s frustrating, we know. But there are ways to keep your cool so that you avoid embarrassment and make rational decisions. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at a few ways to stay calm and not freak out in any situation.

All of us face alarming, stressful situations at one point or another. Whether it’s getting trapped in an elevator, getting on a plane or being involved in a scary kitchen accident, life has many challenges that it throws at us. And unless we spend our days living in a bubble, there is no way to avoid these challenges.

When faced with these stressful situations, many of us choose either a flight or fight response. In other words, we either freak out and make for the exit door super fast – or we face up to what’s going on and go to war with it.

There is a third option, which is staying level-headed, calm, and making logical choices! This is your best option, as it means you always get the end result you want.

Staying calm isn’t easy if your natural inclination is to get anxious at even minor blips. Panic attacks seem to be part of your life. Fortunately, you can react differently. Let’s take a look at how to stay calm and not freak out in any situation.

Don’t Ask “What If?”

Uh-oh. The minute you starting asking What if? is the minute you start to panic.

You might be very good at creating stories in your head. If you are, this question is going to cause you problems because the answers will be wild, fantastic – and terrifying.

Don’t ask the question. Ignore it. Just focus on the matter at hand, stay in the present moment and find a solution. It will help you so much more than living in a future that doesn’t exist.

Stay Positive

When you’re faced with a stressful situation, you might find yourself overloaded with negative thoughts in an instant.

Within seconds, you start picturing the worst.

Let’s say that you’re stuck in an elevator by yourself. As soon as the elevator judders to a halt, panic sets in and you start creating stories in your head.

“What if no one finds me? What if they decide I’m expendable and choose to leave me here? What if the building sets on fire? What if it’s already set on fire?”

Panic is easy because it’s the only thing you know how to do. But panic and negative thoughts are unproductive. Instead of calmly looking for a solution, you instead dwell on the problem. You bang on the walls, shout for help and act irrationally. Maybe you break down in tears.

The best thing to do in any situation is to always look for the positives. Ask yourself this question: Has anything ever defeated you in the past? Or have you always overcome things?

If you’ve overcome everything so far, there is no reason why you can’t overcome this, too!

Stay positive and picture yourself being rescued. Focus on the solution and remind yourself that staying calm is the quickest way to get out of this situation.

Make Jokes

Why take everything so seriously?

When we take situations really seriously, it’s no wonder we overreact and freak out!

Imagine being trapped in an elevator and being so serious that you pictured your own death? My, no wonder you can’t stay calm!

Now imagine if you got stuck in an elevator and made light of the situation by cracking some jokes and picturing yourself in a comedy movie instead of your usual horror movie?

That’s right – take yourself out of your disaster movie where the elevator shaft burns down, killing everyone inside, and place yourself in a comedy movie where your elevator has broken down on your way to a date you’ve already had to cancel on three times.

“I have to cancel again, I’m afraid!” you say on the phone to them.

“Sigh. Why are you cancelling this time? I suppose you’ve been struck by lightning again? Or maybe you fell down a man hole once more?”

“No, I’m stuck in an elevator!”

“Oh, very funny!”

When something stressful happens, make light of it! Change the language you use, too. Instead of saying “I’m scared,” say “I’m miffed as heck!” and watch the way it changes your emotions and the way you feel about the situation.

Remember That This Isn’t So Bad

Scary things happen. Whether it’s a tax bill we weren’t expecting or a sudden injury, these things happen.

But you know what? Far worse things happen to other people.

Things that actually can’t be resolved, such as terminal illness or war.

Yes, you’re experiencing something bad. But you have to put it into some perspective, and remember that worse things are happening to people all the time.

What has happened to you can be overcome. As soon as something stressful happens, remember that it can be overcome. Then, start to focus on the solution.

Have Some Trust

Whatever situation you’re in, you need to put some trust into things, whether it’s people, technology, or even your own body.

Let’s say you’re on a plane and you’re having a panic attack. You don’t like flying. You’re scared and you want to get off. At this moment, it’s important that you put some trust in the pilots who have flown planes like this for years and years. They know what they’re doing. And just like they’ve landed thousands of planes before, they’re going to land this one, too.

Put your trust in the plane, too. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering. It’s not a miracle. It’s an accomplishment, a testament to the cleverness of mankind. Great minds have put together this amazing piece of machinery, and they and the plane aren’t going to let you down.

Have some faith. It won’t let you down.

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