How to simplify your life? 10 Simple tips 

Okay, so you want to get organised and take control of your life. You’ve only got one problem: you don’t know where or how to start!

You’ve got hundreds of possessions, but you aren’t sure which ones you want to sell at a yard sale, and which ones you actually want to keep. There’s a cuddly toy that’s at least thirty years old that you should probably sell, but look at how cute it is! You’ve heard something about something called “Minimalism” but you’re not sure how it applies to you, and yeah, you could get rid of your car, but is the bus really for you?!

As you can probably tell, getting organised can be stressful. And because it can be so stressful, many of us just give up and continue to live a life of disorganisation and clutter. But if you’re really serious about de-cluttering your life, let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to simplify your life right now.

Make A Start … Now!

This article, although helpful, could be just another way of helping you procrastinate. So it’s absolutely imperative that you make a start on de-cluttering your life right now.

Don’t wait until after you’ve finished this article. You will only be tempted to flock to another website, pop onto Facebook, post a tweet; before you know it, another hour will have passed, and you’ve somehow managed to buy another 5 items on eBay.

So make a start right now by admitting to yourself that you need to take control of your life. This has to happen!

Take Stock Of The Areas That Need De-Cluttering

Another simple tip on how to simplify your life is to make a list of all the areas that need de-cluttering. Think about this one long and hard, because you might be surprised at where most of the clutter in your life is lying.

For example, consider your email system. Is your inbox cluttered with unread emails? How about your desktop? Are there files lying around on your computer that really should be put away into tidy folders? How about paperwork? Mail?

Consider your garage and basement. Think about the things you own, and whether you really need certain items.

Make A “Don’t Do” List

Next tip on how to simplify your life is to make a ‘Don’t Do’ List, which is, naturally, the opposite of a Do List.

But right now, the only thing you need on your Do List is “De-Clutter My Life.”

Your Don’t Do List, however, should fill out. It should contain a list of things you have been meaning to do, but which you know deep down you probably never will accomplish.

This will remove a few major headaches, as well as the pressure to do something. For example, if you’ve been meaning to go back to school but know that it’s probably definitely not going to happen, stick it on this list. In this way, you are simplifying your options for the future, and there is less pressure to get everything done.

Stay Silent

Another tip on how to simplify your life is to stay silent for sometime during the day. They say that silence is golden, but very few of us actually try being silent during a day.

Instead, we fire out around 10,000 words a day. That’s a lot!

Imagine listening to 10,000 words all in one go, sped-up? It would drive you insane. To simplify your life and introduce a bit of peace and tranquillity, you should try spending the first and last hour of it in silence. Switch off your phone, your iPod, your emails and so on. Spend these moments relaxing. You’ll love it.

Sell Your Stuff Online

It’s very tempting to either dispose of your stuff at a local tip, or sell it for a few cents at a yard sale. But how about actually making some decent money by selling your stuff online?

It could turn out that there are a few pearls among your “junk”, and somebody somewhere might be willing to pay a few dollars for it. For example, a rare item you own might get passed over in your local area, but in the online world it could be fought over by a few tempted buyers. Get on it.

Organise Your Wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe is another great tip on how to simplify your life.

When organising your wardrobe, there are a few simple questions you need to ask yourself:

Are you keeping this dress purely for sentimental reason?

Have you worn this piece of clothing in the last 12 months?

Does it still look good on you?

Was this one expensive?

Is anything torn or stained permanently?

Does it still fit?

These questions should help you to decide what to discard and what to keep. But you have to answer honestly!

Switch Off The News

Next good tip on how to simplify your life is to switch off the news.

The news can, of course, be informative and even educational. It helps to raise awareness of both minor and major events, and it keeps us in the loop.

But the news can be a huge distraction, and it can also be a negative influence on our lives. In essence, a lot of it is just background noise. How much of it do we actually take in, and how much of it affects us? Very little. So you can get away with switching it off and leaving behind the financial crises, diseases, war, the deficit and so on. Spend your time relaxing instead.


If you are signed up to mailing lists, the chances are that you receive a whole heap of junk mail. You can get a discount on this, free air miles here, a part in California there, and a 0% credit card over here.

But all this is just extra baggage that is cluttering up your life. Save yourself a lot of stress, hassle, time and unnecessary extra goods by unsubscribing from all your mailing lists. You might miss out on something – but you’d never know.

Reduce Your Commitments

Some of us are really active figures in the community. We have a wide social circle, we volunteer, and we also go the extra mile to see our families frequently. But all of this means that your time is pressed upon constantly.

A good tip on how to simplify your life is to take a look at your life and make a list of all your commitments. Once you’ve seen it written down, you’ll see how busy you are! You should decide which ones you really need to keep, and which you can either reduce – or do without completely. You’re not obligated to do or see anyone, so make sure that at least some of your time is used selfishly, in a good way.

Give Away An Item Each Day

Unleash the charitable soul in you and give away at least a single item each day. It can be as big or as small as you want, but over time the effect will work wonders.

Just imagine what giving away 365 items can do for your home?

How to simplify your life? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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