How to simplify your life? 20 Fabulous life hacks for girls 

Ladies, we all know that life is stressful, so very even a very little tip that could save you some time and money has got to be helpful, right? That’s why we have compiled this list of twenty fabulous life hacks and tips to try and make life just that little bit simpler. You can’t always take the easiest route, everyone knows that that would be far too good to be true, but it’s always good to have a few a few tricks up your sleeve that will make life seem less like a constant uphill struggle. Here are twenty of our favourite fabulous life hacks for girls. We hope you that you will appreciate them and that they will save you some time, and some money too.

1. Baking soda in your flats will stop them getting smelly

The summer is here, and that means flats and no socks, but that also means the possibility of some pretty embarrassing foot odour too. The easiest way to keep your flats odour free is to put some baking soda into a small piece of line, and tie it at the top, so you have a neat ball. Place the ball of baking soda in your shoes at night, and it will kill off the bacteria that cause the smell. Another piece advice to avoid smelly feet is to never wear your flats two days running, and then they will have time to deodorise and dry out properly.

2. Replace a broken watch strap with a scarf

Here is another one of great life hacks for girls: if you break a watch strap and don’t have time to go out to buy a replacement, then just find a pretty silk scarf, thread it through the fastenings of the watch then wrap it around and tie it to your wrist with a bow. It looks so good; people will be asking you where you bought your beautiful watch!

3. Get organised in the bathroom

Do you keep losing your small metal tools and accessories like those tiny nail scissors, hair clips and bobby pins? To keep them safe and easy to reach, put up a magnetic strip on the wall of your bathroom and you will never lose a metal product again.

4. Open a nail polish bottle, without having to ask to help

This trick works with any type of screw top, not just nail polish. If you have a screw top lid that you just can’t budge, wrap rubber band around the top and it will give the extra grip you need. Alternatively, run the neck of a glass jar under hot water to loosen it. The metal expands faster than the glass, so it will soon free a stuck lid, and you will be able to twist it open with ease.

5. Unblock a sink with ease

If the sink in your kitchen gets blocked, don’t call a plumber or buy expensive drain unblocking products! It’s most likely blocked because grease has accumulated in the pipe, so pour a little thick toilet bleach into the drain and the bleach will sink to the bottom, break down the grease, and unblock the sink.

6. Organise jewellery

You can organise the larger accessories easily, but what about the smaller pieces of jewellery? A cheap and easy way to avoid having to ever hunt around the back of a drawer for a missing earring is to keep small items of jewellery together in an ice cube tray. It may not be the most elegant looking solution, but it works.

7. How to keep necklaces tangle free?

It’s one of life’s great mysteries: you can put a necklaces away perfectly straight and untangled in a drawer, but the next time you go to get it out, the necklace demons have been at it again, and it has become twisted, tangled and knotted. We can’t explain why it happens, but we can give you a way to stop it happening. Here is another one of useful and creative life hacks for girls: thread your thin, delicate necklace through a drinking straw, and it will be perfectly straight and untangled the next time you come to use it.

8. Stop metal containers rusting and staining your counter tops

You can easily stop a metal spray container, such as a hairspray can, rusting and leaving nasty orange circles on your bathroom counter tops. Paint the bottom of metal canisters with some clear nail polish and it will stop the water and the air getting to them and they won’t rust at all. The same trick also works for rings that leave a green mark on your finger.

9. Work out what clothes you could give to charity

If you can’t figure out why you seem to have more clothes than you ever wear, then here’s a simple tip to find out which items of clothing never come out of the closet. Hang all your clothes with the hangers facing backward and, then, when you replace them, do so with the hangers facing forward. After a while, all the hangers that are still facing backward are the ones that you should be taking to your nearest charity store!

10. How to hang handbags in a closet?

You can keep your handbags neatly organised in your closet by hanging them from a clothes rail with shower curtain hooks.  A quick trip to your nearest home improvement store and you can have all your bags neatly hung in a row and ready to grab whenever you need them.

11. Colour code your keys

Here’s a good way to be able to spot which key is which without having to look through them all. Paint the tops of the keys with different colours of nail polish and you will be able to pick the right one straight away. No more trying to peer at each one individually trying to work out which one will fit into the lock.

12. Hang boots in the closet

Next one of fabulous life hacks for girls is simple: you can hang your collection of boots in the closet using trouser hangers. They are just the right shape and size to clip to the tops of the boots and you can pick them up for free, if you just ask at your local clothes store.

13. Iron fiddly hems with a hair straightener

When you get a hem on a skirt that gets a bit creased and you want a quick solution, grab the hair straighteners for a quick way to flatten out the creases. It’s much easier than trying to poke the tip of a big iron into those hard to get at places.

14. Take a glass of water to bed with you

Who hasn’t woken up the night feeling thirsty, but not wanted to get out of bed to get a glass of water? Always put a fresh glass of water by your bedside at night, especially if you have been drinking alcohol. Just a few sips in the night could help rehydrate you and you will feel so much better in the morning for doing it.

15. Keep a spare set of keys by the front door

When you are in a rush and you can’t find your keys, you’re going to be glad that you read this piece advice. Keep a spare set of keys by the front door, so you can grab them on your way out in an emergency. Words of warning, though, don’t leave them where they can be seen, or it will just be an invitation to someone to break into your home.

16. Don’t wear your underwear to bed

Wear something loose fitting to bed and never go to bed in your underwear. Things need to breathe down there, ladies, and if you wear tight fitting clothes in bed, you will be more at risk of yeast infections and similar problems.

17. A touch of baby powder will de-grease your face

When you are out and about in the summer months, you know that you should be using sunscreen, but sunscreen can make your face look greasy very quickly. You can kill the grease easily, without having to remove the all-important sunscreen, by dabbing a very small amount of baby powder on your face.

18. How to iron clothes with the shower?

Yes, that’s right, the shower! Well, the steam from the shower anyway. If your clothes got wrinkled and you don’t have time to iron them, hang them in the bathroom while you take a shower and the steam will make most of the wrinkles drop out.

19. Ditch the shaving cream

Here is another one of popular life hacks for girls: you don’t need to buy shaving cream, because conditioner works even better and you only need to use a very small amount. Alternatively, coconut oil does exactly the same job, and it will better for your skin. One way or another, it will be one less thing to pack when you go away.

20. Fix the frizz with fabric softener sheets

Fabric softener sheets, the kind that you use in the tumble dryer, are perfect for taming frizz too. Just rub the sheet over your hair and it will calm the frizz, leave your hair with extra shine, and they smell good too!

What are your favourite life hacks for girls?

Stay beautiful!

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