10 Super Effective Tips On How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Everyone has goals, but unless we write them down and take the time to work out how to achieve them, we’re not always sure what our goals are – and we therefore struggle to achieve them.

And goals are useless unless we achieve them.

Goal oriented people tend to be more successful than anyone else, living the life they envisioned. Indeed, any successful person you can think of, from Oprah Winfrey to Beyonce, started out with clearly defined goals. Then, they figured out how best to achieve them.

Top achievers know that structure is important. Keeping a vague goal inside your head might help you to achieve it eventually – but it will probably take you a long long time.

Designing your goals is important if you ever want to attain them. Let’s take a look at 10 super effective tips on how to set goals – and achieve them.

Write Your Goals Down

First and foremost, transfer your goals from your head to a piece of paper. People who achieve things in life write down their goals, and they keep them with them at all times.

Each day, you can take a look at your goals to remind yourself where you’re heading. You can make amendments or add descriptions.

Writing down your goals is so simple and will only take up a single evening, but it improves your chances of success by a significant margin.

Be Specific With Your Goals

If your brain doesn’t know exactly what you’re trying to achieve here, it’s not going to help you out. Being vague and telling yourself that you would love to live “somewhere nice with a beach in a few years’ time” is too vague, and you’ll struggle to accomplish anything.

Write down precisely what you want, and when you want it. If you want to live in Hawaii within 5 years time, this is much more precise. Write down numbers. Don’t say “I want to lose weight”, but instead write down exactly how much weight you’d love to shift.

Figure Out How You Will Get There

Writing down your specific goals can be really challenging, because you have to stop being vague and actually narrow things down. But figuring out how you will get there is when things become even more difficult.

This is the part where lots of people take a break (for a few years) because they find it hard to plan how they will turn their dream into a reality.

A good idea is to break your long-term goal down into a series of short-term goals. If your overall goal is to run your own business by the end of the year, you could start by learning the ropes of business, taking a night course, networking, talking to mentors and so on. These can all be short-term goals that help you achieve your Big One.

A Goal Needs To Be Something You REALLY Want

We’re motivated to work hard to accomplish our goals if it’s something we actually really care about. No one is going to muster the motivation needed to achieve a long-term goal that isn’t something they want.

You need to really want this. Work on creating goals that will improve your life, which excite your senses and which get you out of bed in the morning. If a goal is enough to make you wake up at 5am, it’s a goal worth achieving.

Start The Clock

You’ll struggle to achieve anything unless you impose a deadline on your goals. You need to implement an achievable timeframe, but you also need to be strict with yourself.

Starting work on a goal without any deadlines whatsoever (or a really vague one) means you’ve already got off to a bad start. Put limitations on yourself, and bring the future into sharper focus by setting a date.

Be Reasonable

Nothing kills the dream more than an unrealistic goal that isn’t achievable. If you decide that you want to shift 20 pounds by the end of the month, you could be putting too much pressure on yourself.

Making reasonable goals relieves the pressure somewhat, and it stops you from getting frustrated whenever things aren’t moving as quickly as you had hoped. Be rational and crewe goals that make sense. Keep them just out of reach – but within sight. You want to push yourself, but not beyond all human possibility!

Make Things Stick

How often have you made a New Years Resolution, only to break it within a few days? We’ve all been there, and it’s because we don’t know how to make our goals stick.

Sticking to the game plan is tough. Reminding yourself of the long-term rewards will help you to stay on track.

Remember, it only takes a few days to make a Nissan but a few months to make a Rolls Royce.

Success is never an end in and of itself, but is instead the process.

Reward Yourself

You’ll be in for a huge reward when you’ve achieved your long-term goal. But unless you reward yourself along the way, you might struggle to stay motivated.

Give yourself a few weekly or monthly rewards. Set short term goals and affix them with bonuses.

Track Your Progress

It’s hard to know how far off you are from achieving your goals unless you track your progress. You might have planned to shave 0.5 seconds off your sprint speed by the end of the year, but unless you record your progress, you will have no idea how far you’ve come.

You can easily track your progress in your notebook, or you could download an app that helpfully does it all for you.

Work On Your Goals Everyday

Successful, goal oriented people never let up. They don’t take an entire day off to do Netflix and chill. Instead, they think about and work on their goals every single day.

Even if you only set aside a few minutes, you’re keeping your head in the game. This is important. Don’t let days slip by without being productive, because these could easily turn into weeks and months.

Stay beautiful!

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