How To Organise Your Life Better? 10 Tips

Life eventually gets on top of all of us to the point where it feels like we’re in a real mess. We go to bed at different times each night, stumble out of bed at different times in the morning, take showers when others are going to bed, pay bills late, forget all about that meeting we had with our friend, and so on.

Organising your life when it’s already got out of control can be exhausting. Moreover, some of us just aren’t born organised! The best thing to do in this scenario is to model people who were born to organise and mimic their habits. In this article, we’ve gathered together 10 of their best tips for organising your life better. Let’s take a look!

Write Things Down

You could try and remember everything in your head, from your best friend’s birthday to a job interview, but your head will eventually get a little bit muddled. It just isn’t the best at remembering all the details!

It’s better to write things down. The best organisers don’t live inside their heads; they carry a pen around with them and they just numbers and dates down. It isn’t magic that they remember everything – it’s just plain common sense.

If you’re likely to lose the notes you’ve written down, you could use a computer or a smartphone instead. There are lots of apps you can download for this sort of thing.

Make Back-Ups

Have you ever lost a really important document because your computer messed up? I sure have. It’s really frustrating! Although you’ll get sympathy from me, you won’t get sympathy from your colleagues who love to waste no time telling you that you “should have backed it up.”

Yup, from now on it’s time to start backing everything important up, from your photos to your financial records and files.

Create Deadlines

A lot of us dislike deadlines at work, especially when it’s something like a 24 hour deadline. It puts us under pressure and makes us work harder – but that’s the whole point!

When you have no deadlines, you’re not accountable to anyone. Therefore, you don’t exactly spend your time getting organised.

Holding yourself to some deadlines will help you stay more productive. You’ll get everything done double quick and your cluttered life will suddenly start looking a lot cleaner.

Procrastinate Productively

A lot of people will tell you to never procrastinate. “Procrastination is bad!” they’ll say. “Disable Facebook!” they’ll advise.

But procrastination is going to happen at some point or another, and it’s better that you admit this and procrastinate productively.

What we mean by this is that you schedule your day so that you actually include a few minutes here and there for procrastination. Let’s say you’ve planned to clean for an hour followed by ten minutes of procrastination. This sort of planned procrastination is much more productive than spontaneously procrastinating ten minutes into your cleaning hour.

Plan your day so that your tasks are separated by short blocks of procrastination, but make sure that you limit your time. Once your ten minutes of flicking through Facebook is up, it is up.

And don’t get into an online chat during your ten minute break as this will keep you there for longer!

Keep Your Passwords In A Safe Place

I used to be the archetypal dizzy blonde who lost everything, from her keys to her head.

I also used to forget my passwords all the time.

The best tip I was ever given was to use the same password for everything.

But if you’re already using different passwords, it’s high time that you wrote them down and kept them in a safe place. That way, you no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night screaming “WHAT IS MY PIN?!” after a bad dream.

Yes, I did do that once.

Clean As You Go

How many times have you eaten a meal and left the table without cleaning the dishes?

“I’ll do them later,” you say, before sitting down to watch some television.

If you do this at breakfast, dinner and lunch, you’re going to be left with a sink full of dishes by 7PM. What happens then is that you probably don’t feel like washing them all tonight, and so you leave them until the morning.

And then you leave them again until the next day.

To stop things from piling up, it’s much better to just clean as you go. As soon as you’ve finished breakfast, clean the dishes. It takes less than a minute and saves you a huge headache later on.

Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Want

The great Tyler Durden once said in Fight Club that “the things we own end up owning us.” This is so true for a lot of us. We accumulate so much stuff that it basically owns us.

But how much of your stuff do you really need? Are there a few things you can throw away, perhaps?

Don’t Multitask

People are proud when they tell us they can multitask, as though it’s a great skill. But multitasking means you’re not giving any one thing your full attention, and it usually means that you’re going to fall behind on both things.

Always do one thing at a time. It’s less stressful.

Put Everything In Its Place

My friend once asked me why chefs work so quickly.

“Surely, nobody can cook so many dinners that fast,” she said.

So I asked my chef friend what the secret of the trade was.

“We put everything in its place,” he said with a shrug.

Putting everything in its place is a super way to speed up your life and stay organised. When everything is clearly labelled and sorted by category, type or colour, you no longer need to spend ages trying to locate something.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is a great cue to start the day. When you have breakfast, you feel confident that the day has got off to an organised, familiar and proper start.

When you skip breakfast because you’re in a rush, you’re already a mess. This sets the totally wrong tone for the rest of your day.

Stay happy!

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