How to use a vision board to create your dream life?

Vision boards are a great way to inspire success and they are great fun to make as well. Some people believe that human beings, with the help of things like vision boards, have the power to turn their dreams into reality through thought alone. One thing’s for sure, a vision board will serve as a reminder of what you are striving to achieve and it will inspire you to do your best to get there. A vision board can be as simple list of statements, or it can be a collage of images that represent your dreams. Here’s how to use a vision board to help make your dreams come true.

1. Look for inspiration

To make a vision board work for you, you need to be a little bit creative and go beyond just a simple statement of ‘I want to be rich’ or ‘I want to meet the perfect man.’ Visualise what your dream will really mean to you and look through magazines for images that will represent those dreams. Having more money, for example, could mean that you could go on your dream holiday, or drive your dream car. Those are the types of images that will motivate you.

2. Get your goals clear in your mind

Take time over setting your goals, because research has shown that people who have clearly defined goals in their lives are more likely to be successful. Your goals can be  both short term ones and the grander, long term ones, but you need to be clear on what it is you want to achieve if a vision board is to be of any real use to you.

3. Take your time putting your vision board together

Remember that these are your dreams that we are talking about, they are important to you, so don’t rush creating your vision board, take your time and organise it properly. Exactly how you organise it is up to you, but you want to be inspired when you look at it, not be thinking about what a mess it looks!

4. There are no vision board rules

Most people base their vision boards on things like travel, finances, relationships, and personal growth, but your vision board is your own space, so you can organise it however you like. There are no rules as to what can go on a vision board. You can use anything that will give you the motivation that you need.

5. Use lots of different sources 

A vision board should be something that excites when you see it and something that helps you visualise your goals. You could use quotes from famous people, images from magazines and from the internet, your own handwritten notes, or perhaps souvenirs from places you want to go back to. The more interesting you make your vision board look, the more it will inspire you.

6. Take a look at your vision board every day

The best place to put a vision board is somewhere where you can easily see it and take time thinking about what it means. It should provide you with a daily reminder of what it is you are trying to achieve. Take the time to look at your board every day and think about what you can do today to bring yourself a step closer to achieving your dreams.

7. Keep it up to date

Your vision board need not be a thing that never changes, you can add to it at any time if you want to. You might find more things that reinforce an existing goal, or you might change your mind and want to add a new goal. Keeping your board up to date and fresh will help keep your dreams at the forefront of your mind and that’s what a vision board is for.

8. Make a note of your progress

While you are keeping your board up to date, don’t forget to mark your progress towards your goals. Any sign that you have moved a bit closer to your dreams can be put up on your board. It’s a great way to keep you motivated. You can also keep a vision journal so that, at any time you feel   like quitting, you can take a look and see just how far you have already come.

9. Imagine yourself in your future

When you look at your board really imagine yourself living your dream life. Visualisation is said to be the most powerful mind exercise that you can do. According to those who believe in the Law of Attraction, visualisation emits a powerful force that can draw your dreams closer to reality.

10. Vision boards do work!

Whether you believe that there are forces that we don’t understand at work, or it is just the motivation that does the trick, there is no doubt that visualisation does empower people to succeed. It’s been proven that athletes, who visualise themselves clearing a jump, or lifting a heavy weight, are far more likely to succeed. There’s no reason at all why a vision board won’t help you to make your dream a reality too.

Stay happy!

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