How to improve memory?

How often has your memory let you down? Well, it needn’t let you down anymore with these 10 amazing memory techniques for remembering things effortlessly.

Your memory can really embarrass you. Whether you’re in the middle of a job interview and are asked to recall your last employer but can’t, or whether you can’t remember the name of your first date, your memory isn’t always there for you.

And how annoying is it when you walk into a room and totally forget why you walked in there!

“Oh, memory! Why are you never there when I need you?!”

Unlike our brain itself, our memory doesn’t seem to be the most powerful tool we have. When we really need it, it’s too often sleeping.

The thing is that your memory just needs to be trained in order to improve the way it functions. And the good thing is that training your memory so that you remember things effortlessly is easier than you might have thought. Let’s take a look at 10 awesome memory techniques and tips on how to improve memory.

Be Motivated

Firstly, in order to improve your memory so that your recall is awesome, you need to be motivated enough. Motivated enough to practice the techniques, and to keep practising them.

Those who have weary memories are generally not the most mentally or physically active people. The two go hand in hand – the more mentally and physically active you are, the more you do things, the better your memory will become.

Become Interested

Another tip on how to improve memory is to become interested. As well as motivation, your levels of interest play a key role in how strong your memory is. If you’re just not all that interested in someone, you’re less likely to remember their name, for example.

Whatever it is you need to memorise, take a keen interest in it. Be passionate about it. It will improve the way you feel about it, making it easier for you to memorise.

Play More Video Games

It’s probably not a good idea that you show your video game-obsessed boyfriend this one. After all, the last thing you want to do is arm him with an excuse to play even more video games, right?!

“I have to kill zombies for 8 hours today so that I can remember things effortlessly. That’s just the way it is. I don’t like this anymore than you do.”

Yeah, right.

But as hard as this one might be for you to swallow right now, playing video games has actually been found to boost our brain’s grey matter.

In other words, it makes it easier for memories to form and stay formed.

Where’s Halo …

Visualise What You Want

How many times have you entered a room, before freezing, having totally forgotten what you want?

Perhaps you’ve also opened a new tab on your Internet browser and forgotten what you wanted, or popped into Amazon and suffered a similar bout of brain fog.

It happens, and it’s nothing to worry about it. It just means that you haven’t visualised what you want enough for it to stick.

See, our brains – as powerful as they are – are very good at getting confused when we enter a new room or open a new tab. It seems that they can’t handle new surroundings!

So another tip on how to improve memory and to make sure you remember exactly what you came here for, focus sharply on what it is beforehand. Visualise it, and remember your purpose.

Write It Down

This is next powerful tip on how to improve memory.

Got something you want to remember? Make a note of it. Not just once, but two or three times. Don’t just read an article and expect to be able to remember all the good bits. Take notes.

Use Music

How often have you found yourself singing along to a song on the radio you haven’t heard for years? Despite having not heard it for years, you know all the lyrics!

It’s so easy to pick up the lyrics to songs. This is because of the rhythm and alliteration used in music.

As such, it makes sense to use music to improve your memory in other areas. For example, when learning a foreign language, try learning it to music.

Repeat A Person’s Name Over And Over

Our memory can really embarrass us at times. But perhaps the greatest embarrassment it can cause us is when we can’t remember someone’s name.

This is especially embarrassing if you’re networking, at a job interview, or on a first date.

So one of good tips on how to improve memory, especially, to help you remember someone’s name, is simply repeat it over and over. Ask them a question and use their name. Repeat their name in your head. Use it often in the conversation (but not too much), and try to forge a strong connection between their name and who they are.

For example, if they’re called Belinda, picture them as a Belinda.

Be Visual At All Times

The problem with trying to remember things – such as exam questions  and names – is that often all we have inside our heads are words.

And words can be really hard to remember, largely because they aren’t visual.

It’s well documented that visualising something makes it easier to remember. So try to animate the things you need to remember. Turn them into compelling visuals, with colour and even stories.

Keep Learning New Skills

This is one of the most powerful tips on how to improve memory. Believe it or not, your memory gets bored. If you don’t give it something new to get stuck into – such as a new skill -it loses interest. It gets tired. It doesn’t work as well!

In order to function at its best, your memory needs you to keep it on its toes. It wants you to work it hard by constantly reading and/or learning new skills.

You could also do puzzles, such as crosswords, to keep it alert.

Your memory works best when it’s active and doing.


When you work out, oxygen travels around your bloodstream with greater efficiency. This means that more oxygen gets to your brain. And this means that your memory is able to thrive. Ergo, a good tip on how to improve memory is to simply continue to exercise regularly; the more you exercise, the better you will able to remember things effortlessly.

Do you have other tips on how to improve memory?

Stay happy!

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