10 Tips on how to improve memory power

Fed up of forgetting things? Wish you had amazing recall? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to improve memory power. Why is it that some people seem to have awesome memories while others don’t? We’ve all got that one annoying friend who literally remembers everything – dates, what we said in the heat of an argument, and those embarrassing dresses we wore when were eighteen. We sometimes even dislike those kinds of people. And then there are the rest – perhaps you and us – who literally can’t even remember what we just read in a book five minutes ago. Hey, we can’t even remember what the book was!

A good memory is an asset that comes in useful during conversations, exams and work. If you can remember stuff easily, you can impress your friends with your knowledge, ace an exam and breeze through work without having to constantly look stuff up. A good memory helps you win debates, too. Need a stat to kill the argument off? Just dig one out from your memory bank! While we aren’t saying that we can literally turn you into Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless with this article, we do have 10 cool tips on how to improve memory power. Let’s take a look!

Eat The Right Food

As ever, diet has a crucial role to play in brain functioning. Want to think more clearly? Eat better. Want have a stronger memory? Eat better.

Bad fats from junk food don’t just clog up your stomach and thighs; they also make their way up to your brain. The more fat in your brain cells? The more sluggish your memory will be. It’s the same with sugar and carbs. They will slow down your brain power and impair your memory. Instead, you need to eat as many fresh fruit and vegetable as possible. These include cauliflower, broccoli and celery – so-called brain food that is stuffed with antioxidants and nutrients that look after your brain and promote the growth of new brain cells. For a stronger memory, you also need to consume more omega-3 fatty acids. You can find these predominantly in oily fish, especially salmon. Nuts also improve brain function, while coconut oil is among the healthiest fats you can cook with.

Quit Multitasking

Confucius once said “those who chase two rabbits end up catching none.” Such a wise quote from such a wise man! He was right, too. When we multitask, we might think that we’re racing through tasks and getting more stuff done. But we’re actually distracting our brain, confusing it, and preventing it from creating strong memories. Instead, you should laser focus on one task at a time, it’s another great tip on how to improve memory power, as well as consentration.

Read Things Three Times Over

This tip on how to improve memory power comes from Albert Einstein, he knew a thing or two about learning, and he reasoned that the things we read don’t became stick until we’ve read them over at least three times. Try it!

Work Out

Working out isn’t for everyone. But exercise gets your brain working at its optimum by causing nerve cells to increase in their numbers. When this happens, their interconnections improve. When we exercise, our nerve cells release neurotrophic factors. These are proteins that promote better neural health. Our cognitive functions improve, such as learning and memorisation. Working out also promotes more efficient blood flow to your brain, which further sharpens your memory. You don’t need to go to the gym to work out. All you need is a mat, some equipment and YouTube videos.

Quit Your Bad Habits

If you always have at least one drink after work, smoke and indulge in other bad habits, you’ll find it’s impossible to build a super memory until you quit them.

Play Brain Games

Brain games – such as sudoku – are a great tip on how to improve memory power. Why? Because they break up your routine. When we do the same thing over and over again, we begin to plateau. If we eat the same foods over and over again, we won’t lose any more weight, despite that being the aim. If we do the same exercise over and over again, we won’t develop any more muscle. Your body get used to the same thing and eventually reaches a point where nothing changes. Surprising your brain with a few brain teasers disrupt its regular routine, strengths neurone, creates new synapses – and improves your memory.

Write Things Down

Easiest way to remember something? Write it down. Writing something down gives your brain a chance to visualise something. When you want to recall it, all you need to do is recreate its image in your mind.

Sleep More

Are you one of those people who say that “sleep is for the weak”? If so, that needs to change. Sleep isn’t for the weak – it’s for smart, intelligent and happy people who want to be successful in life. Sleep promotes a better memory by tightening your memories while you snooze. We always remember the things we did/read/listened to before sleep better than things we came across earlier in the day. So if there is something you really want to memorise, read it just before bed.

Drink Red Wine

We’re near the end of this article, so it’s time to celebrate with a bottle of vino! Okay, a whole bottle is taking things a bit too far. But it’s perfectly fine to drink a glass of red wine now and then. Why? Because it contains resveratrol, a compound that promotes better blood flow in your brain. Quite a fun tip on how to improve memory power, hah?!

Manage Your Stress

Stress causes all kinds of problems, both physical and mental. It can damage your skin, accelerating the ageing process – and it can also weaken your memory by killing brain cells. Not cool! Try to manage your stress as much as possible. A little bit of stress is okay, but too much is going to prevent you from having a good memory. Take walks. Take those vacation days at work. Exercise. Eat better. Sleep more. Basically, do everything that’s on this list!

Do you have other tips on how to improve memory power?

Stay happy!

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