How To Exercise Your Brain Muscle To Become More Creative?

Want to be a more creative person? We can help. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at what you need to do to exercise your brain, so that you become a more creative person.

“I’m just not as creative as you.” Ever heard someone say that? Maybe you’ve said it yourself. The world seems to be divided up between creatives and those of us who are more logical and analytical. In other words, it’s divided up between expressive people and those who prefer a more objective approach. But is it really true that some people are born to be creative, whereas others are not? Or is this just a myth? Unlike a skill such as learning to drive, creativity is a bit more abstract. Can it even be learned? Can a person who has never really shown any hint of being creative at any point in their life suddenly become more creative? Of course. It’s just that most of the time we look on with awe at creative people, worshipping their mysterious gifts with reverence. We are humbled by their extraordinary talents that defy explanation. At the same time, those who are creative and always have been live in constant mortal fear that their creativity will eventually dry up. However, we firmly believe that everyone can be creative. You don’t have to be born that way. Here are some good tips on how to exercise your brain muscle and become more creative:

Become A Questioner

Do you have a questioning mind? If not, it’s time to start developing one. The more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll receive, and the more knowledge you’ll have. But asking any old question is not enough. What’s important is that you ask the right questions. This all starts with the questions you ask of yourself. Let’s say you’re trying to retrieve something from the depths of your memory. You know you received a certain piece of information from somewhere, but can’t remember where exactly. And until you remember where you received the information, you can’t recall with precision what the information was. And so you need to get creative with the questions you ask yourself.

When did I receive that information? What was I doing that day? What had I been reading? Who had I been talking to?

You should also become more creative with the ways you approach problems. Rather than solving them the same way you always have done, ask how a friend would approach them. Similarly, when you watch a news item, try to be more objective. Ask how your friends would react to this type of news. These kind of questions open up fresh perspectives in your mind, and help you to become more creative with how you set about things.

Kill Your Muse

Ever heard someone say to you, “I can’t write today, my muse has fled” ? Creative people like to talk about muses like normal people like to talk about their partners. A muse is simply an abstract entity that inspires someone to produce a great piece of work. If a persons muse is absent, said person feels too jaded and uninspired to work. However, working like this means that you’re always waiting for your muse to get here before you make a start. It’s much better if you can trick your brain into believing that you don’t need a muse, and that instead you were born ready. You can do so by asserting your role as the creator. YOU are in charge here, and YOU decide when you feel like being creative.

Don’t subscribe to the idea that you need a muse or divine inspiration. Instead, say that you’re tired or a bit stressed whenever you don’t feel like creating something. Don’t blame it on the muse. The muse doesn’t exist.


People who read are generally more creative than those who don’t. Reading is a remarkable pastime that stimulates your mind, opening you up to new ideas, possibilities and ways of thinking. But it’s important that you read the right books.

One of the best tips on how to exercise your brain is to read books on subjects that interest you, and which you’re sure won’t bore you. Set aside some time to read each day, and always have at least two to three books on the go at any one time. Flick between them and absorb lots of new ideas.

Develop Good Habits

Creative people tend to have very fixed routines when it comes to working. The great French novelist Balzac used to do all of his writing overnight, as this was when his creative juices were at their best. But it’s not really that he couldn’t work during the day. It’s more that he’d convinced himself that he produced his most inspired work at night because that’s the routine and habits he’d developed. He had other habits, too, such as drinking twenty or more cups of coffee per day (it was probably this habit which led to an early death from heart disease, so we don’t recommend it).

It’s important that you develop a good habit and routine, and teach your brain that these habits and routines are the cues for you to create some awesome stuff. So a good tip on how to exercise your brain is to pick a time of the day when you’re free to create, and try to stick to this window each day. Your brain will eventually become accustomed to your habits, and will do all that it can to assist you.


“Woah. WOAH. I just want to be more creative. Why are you making me work out?!”

Flexing your brain muscle and working out are kinda related – unfortunately, if you happen to dislike exercising. When you exercise, your body is able to transport oxygen and blood around your body much more efficiently, which powers your brain. More oxygen = a better functioning, a quicker thinking, and more creative brain. Plus, exercise promotes the release of more endorphins into your system, which is also great for better productivity.

Do you have other tips on how to exercise your brain and become more creative?

Stay happy!

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