10 Tips on how to become smarter

They say that knowledge is power. The great thing about knowledge and intelligence is that it is not a fixed quantity, but can be enlarged on at any point.

Essentially, you have the power to become as smart as you want.

The problem is that it’s not always easy to know how to go about becoming smarter. Do you read more books? And if so, how do you go about remembering everything in the books? Perhaps you should watch more news, or more documentaries? Or perhaps you should take up night school, or even travel the world in pursuit of knowledge?

Well, actually, to become smarter, all you need to do are 10 little things. Let’s take a look.

Spend Your Online Time More Wisely

It’s as though we’re programmed to spend our break time flicking through Facebook and commenting on photographs. After all, what else are we going to do during a fifteen minute break?

Well, you could do something more productive that will make you smarter. For example, how about watching a TED talk, learning new words, reading blogs, checking out books, or listening to a podcast? You’ll be amazed at how much information you can devour in just fifteen minutes each day.

Write Down Memorable Quotes

Another good tip on how to become smarter is to write down memorable quotes. It’s not easy to remember every single thing you read. You might come across an absolute pearl of wisdom that you assume you’ll remember forever.

Then, when you try to recall it a month later, you can’t remember it!

If you ever come across a truly wise quote, you should write it down in a notebook specially reserved for this kind of thing. Eventually, you’ll have a whole notebook jammed with wisdom.

Arm Yourself With A Pen And Paper At All Times

Awesome thoughts come and awesome thoughts go. And if you don’t write down your awesome thoughts, they’ll be gone forever.

Arming yourself with a notebook and pen at all times means you never need to lose those flashes of wisdom that bolt across your consciousness every now and then. If you’re sat on a bus musing to yourself, write down any ideas you think about – no matter how odd they seem to be at the time. The more you think, and the more you write down, the smarter you will become.

Surround Yourself With Smarter Friends

Next tip on how to become smarter is to surround yourself with smart friends. When you hang around dim people, you’re not encouraged to better yourself. You’re instead more likely to remain at the same level of smart as you always have been.

But when you hang around with people who are much smarter than you, you’re encouraged to learn more to become as smart as them. This is because power is infectious, and when we see folk outsmarting us, we want to get smarter, so that we can not only impress them but also outsmart them. We want to be as good as them – if not better.

… And Surround Yourself With LOTS Of Friends

If you have just one or two friends, you pretty much only have one or two people you can bounce ideas around with. But if you have lots of friends, you have lots of people you can trade ideas with!

The more friends you have will increase your learning; you will listen to fresh ideas and concepts, as well as be treated to constructive feedback on your own ideas.

Become A Napper

How to become smarter? Become a napper! Well, nappers are often laughed at or looked down upon, presumably because people think they’re lazy or weak. But nappers are having the last laugh, because taking time out each day to get a little bit of shut-eye keeps your mind fresh.

See, your mind needs sleep. If you believe you can waltz through life, day in day out without much sleep, you’re very wrong. Eventually, your mind will slow down and you’ll lose focus.

Moreover, it is during sleep when our memories bind together, which means that sleeping immediately after learning is a great way to make sure your knew knowledge sticks.

Take Up Video Games

You might be the world’s worst video gamer, and the thought of picking up a joypad might fill you with horror. But if you want to become smarter, your brain plasticity needs to be enhanced. An easy way of doing this is to play video games.

Video games improve your eye to hand coordination, and they engage your brain. While watching television is a passive activity that can dull your brain, playing video games is an active pursuit.

Play An Instrument

Learning a new instrument is a pretty daunting task, but it can be done and it’s another great tip on how to become smarter. Learning an instrument has great benefits for your brain, as it enhances eye-hand coordination, focus, memory, and even mathematic skills.

All instruments are fairly challenging, but some are more challenging than others. But even if you choose to learn one of the least challenging, you will still notice enhanced cognitive functioning.

Eat Better Food

Another important tip on how to become smarter is to eat healthier food. Your diet not only has a huge bearing on your weight and physical health, but it also dictates your mental health and cognitive abilities too.

All the bad fats in processed food don’t just head to your tummy; they also head to your brain, fogging your mind and slowing down your ability to think and get smarter.

By living off a protein-rich diet, your brain power will be enhanced, and your cognitive functioning will be far better off for it.

Read Something Challenging

Although suspense and romance stories might be fun and easy to read, they’re really not mentally stimulating. If you start reading books that require you to actually think a little bit more, your cognitive functioning will improve.

Moreover, deeper novels are also filled to the rafters with ideas which can enlighten you, improving your knowledge and understanding of the world. Although the plots might be less suspenseful at times, you can console yourself with the fact that you are widening your vocabulary and engaging your brain.

How to become smarter? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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