How To Become A Smart Shopper And Save Money Like A Pro?

“Can you try and spend a bit less this time?” – Every guy in the universe to his partner.

Yes, we’ve all been told off by our man after yet another mad shopping spree. Whether we’re shopping for shoes or groceries, it seems as though we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to spending. For whatever reason, the left side of our brain shuts down as soon as we enter a store or a supermarket and the right side snaps into action.

As you’ve probably realised, though, it’s absolutely imperative that you get smart about your shopping. If you don’t, all kinds of money troubles can stack up. Worse still, spending too much money can also ruin a relationship, and it can cause you an untold amount of stress.

Spending too much money at the shops is not an addiction in the same way that drinking too much is. As such, it’s actually really easy to spend less money and save a lot more money like the pros. Here is how you do it:

Always Use Cash

It’s just so easy to rock up at the counter and pull out your credit card. We’ve all done it. When we know we don’t have much – if any – cash on us, we know that our card will cover us.

Unfortunately, this leads to a scary chain of thought. With so much money on our card, we can buy this and that. We can buy those donuts that are guiding our eyes, while that cute top would look fab on us.

To avoid getting carried away, always take a certain amount of cash with you and leave your card at home. It’s much safer.

Shop On A Full Stomach

If you can’t stop spending at the supermarket, it’s time to get smart about the way you shop for your groceries.

Have you ever shopped on an empty stomach? If you have, you’ll know how easy it is to get a bit carried away. So ravenously hungry are you that you literally buy everything in the place.

It’s much wiser to go shopping on a full stomach. If you do, you’ll be much more inclined to stick to the items on your list without looking at everything with wild, lusty eyes.

Check Comparison Sites

So many of us spot what we think is a great deal and rush out to buy it.

I HAVE to have this!” we cry, before hastily processing payment. If we don’t buy it on the spot, it will sell out and our life will be over.

The item won’t sell out that quickly. You still have time to pop over to a comparison site to see if you can get a better deal somewhere else. It will only take a few minutes, but it could save you a significant amount of money.

Watch Out For Sales Tactics

Sales people are very good at getting us to buy from them because they know how human behaviour works. They know that many of us follow fixed patterns of actions, and that certain triggers compel us to make certain decisions.

And if you’re an emotional shopper, you’ll be easy bait.

It’s important that you pay attention whenever someone tries to sell you something you never intended to buy. They’ll use every single trick in the book, but because you’re so gullible, you won’t even realise it.

For example, when you agree to buy an expensive $200 dress in a store, notice how you’ll then be offered a much cheaper accessory to go along with it. Thinking that $40 seems like nothing compared to $200, you go and add the accessory to your bill.

These are simple sales tactics you need to watch out for.

Shop With A Basket, Not A Trolley

It’s normal to scuttle around the supermarket with a trolley. After all, it’s bigger than a basket, and you can therefore fill it with more stuff.

And there’s the rub – you can fill it with more stuff.

A basket means you don’t buy more than you need, which means you spend less. It’s a wiser, more sensible choice.

(It will also be less heavier to carry around!)

Get A Loyalty Card

Ever been of the opinion that a loyalty card is a bit of a scam, and that the only people who win are the store themselves?

It’s time to sweep this cynical thought from your head, because in actual fact a loyalty card is probably something you could do with right now. It rewards loyal customers by giving them a pretty cool discount on a later shop.

Many stores, supermarkets and even coffee houses offer free loyalty cards. Picking one up from a coffee shop is an especially good idea if you stop for coffee each morning before work. After a few visits, you eventually get on coffee for free.

Always Go For Quality, Not Quantity

I remember when my dad used to return home with a bundle of shirts he’d just bought from the store for $20.

“You can’t beat a bargain!” he’d enthuse.

It seemed as though he’d gotten a good deal (although the t-shirts looked hideous to me!). But as it turned out, they all shrank in the wash.

Within less than a month, he was back at the store to buy even more shirts – this time for more money.

It’s much better that you buy one shirt that is going to last for at least a few years, than a few shirts that won’t last much longer than a month.


I know you want to get your hands on the latest piece of tech as soon as it’s been released. It’s called the fear of missing out.

But smart shoppers always wait. They know that waiting will save them a heap of money, because priced always drop.

What’s the rush? Take your time. Enjoy your old piece of technology for a little bit longer.

Do you have other tips on how to manage your money wisely?

Stay happy!

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