This Is What Will Happen If You Disconnect Yourself From Electronic Devices For 24 Hours

Did you know that in 2015, we consume a staggering three times the amount of information that we did back in the sixties? This might sound like a good thing: after all, more information means an enhanced, more knowledgable brain, right? Well, not exactly.

The problem is that the information we’re consuming is not exactly going to add value to our lives. We’re consuming the wrong information. We scroll up and down our Facebook news feeds all day, watch a few viral videos, send a hundred texts, favourite a few thousand tweets, like hundreds of Instagram images, use a handful of emoticons and so on. In short, we’re mindlessly addicted to mindless information.

What also happens is that our electronic devices lead to stress. We find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night to check our emails; we switch our laptops off at the very last minute before bed and switch them back on again as soon as we wake up in the morning. This kind of lifestyle cannot be healthy for us.

So let’s take a look at a few things that will happen to you, if you disconnect yourself from your electronic devices for 24 hours.

You Will Rethink Your Time

All too often, we know we should make the extra effort to catch a train or a bus to go and see our friend for a chat, some food and a stroll. But it’s just so much easier to have a giggle with them online. Rather than spend an hour or so travelling to see them, we can instead shoot a few messages their way, while catching up on Netflix.

If you switch your phone, television and computer off, you’ll suddenly rethink your time. You’ll realise that actually going out to see your friend is a hundred times better than sitting at home and messaging them. You’ll make the extra effort to be with the people you love, and the rewards will be fantastic.

You Will Lose The Fear Of Missing Out

The problem with social media is that it shows us an exciting world that is often cut off from us. It shows us people having a good time, while we’re working and feeling isolated.

But if you aren’t checking your phone all the time, you won’t have a clue what is happening. You’ll be getting on with your own life, making your own progress, and feeling mighty content.

You’ll Lose The Urge To Check

If someone was to tell you how often you just checked your phone during that TV show you just watched, you’d be surprised. The truth is that it’s now become a habit for us to check our phones without even realising it. Sometimes we stretch out a hand to check, only to realise that we JUST CHECKED A MINUTE AGO!!

Checking out phones is a compulsion. It’s “something to do” that helps us to fill the gaps in our time. But what are we checking for? A status update from Gemma? A text that says “lol”?

Switching off for 24 hours will help you to resist the annoying urge to check your device every 5 minutes.

You’ll Question The Effects

When we’re in the midst of checking our emails, Facebook, texts and Instagram’s, we don’t really give anything a second thought. A few “likes” for our photos make us feel good, while texting a friend can help to alleviate the boredom.

But have you ever sat down and properly thought about the effects that all this is having on you? What do you really learn from checking your emails all the time? How does scrolling through Facebook each day make you feel? Does it make you feel good, or does it make you feel empty? If you spend a day away from your electronic devices, you’ll be able to analyse what it all really means.

You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Yes, just 24 hours away from electronics can curb your stress hugely. Why? Because our devices contribute massively to the stress in our lives.

Whether we’re upset because he still hasn’t texted after 8 hours, or whether we’re stressed because a client WON’T STOP EMAILING ME, our electronic devices can make our lives a living hell. Sometimes, they’re really just not worth it.

Spend some time away from yours and indulge in some relaxation. Go for a long stroll in the park, have a take-out coffee, go see a movie. Relax and enjoy yourself!

You’ll Be More Productive

Procrastination is the bane of many peoples’ lives. Sure, we want to be more productive, but it’s just too tempting to idly sit back and flit through our phones instead. And, oh look! There’s another funny cat video on YouTube.

If your phone, television and computer are all switched off, you’ll be more inclined to be productive. You will do the things you’ve been  putting off for a long time, and you will breeze through your tasks. With nothing to distract you, the world is your oyster.

You’ll Sleep Better

Ever been woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of your phone? Perhaps you scramble to look at it, to see if it’s anything important.

Of course it isn’t; it’s just Laura tagging you in a post again at 3am. Does that girl never sleep?

Nope, and now you can’t get back to sleep!

Sometimes, our phones don’t wake us up, but when we wake up at 3am to go and pee, we feel compelled to check our phones. And when we see an important email, we read it and it plays on our mind until it’s 6am and we haven’t got back to sleep!

Switch off your phone for the night and see how much better you sleep.

You’ll Come Up With More Ideas

Ideas don’t pop into your head while you’re watching videos, commenting on Facebook posts, or scanning through tweets.

Ideas come when you’re sitting around listlessly, or going for a walk. With no electronic device to distract you, your mind is free to wander into the dreamy worlds of your imagination.

You’ll Lose Feelings Of Jealousy And Anger

Ever checked Facebook only to feel seething jealousy and anger when you see that boy you’re crushing on with another girl?

We all have.

Social media just exposes us to too many things we really shouldn’t have seen. It can make us feel sad, lonely, bitter, anger, jealous and more. In short, it gives sharp rise to unhealthy emotions.

You’ll Learn That Your Devices Are Necessary

Yes, in an ever-connected world, you need your phone and computer. You need them. You can’t work without them, can’t communicate without them.

But as much as you need them, they need to be used in the right way. They need to enhance your life, add something to it, and make it more efficient.

Spending 24 hours away from your devices will cut you off from many important things, as well as many useless things. It might even put you behind with your work. But hopefully, when you switch them back on, you will learn to get the most out of them and cut back on the waste.

Stay happy!

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