9 Amazing life hacks for home that will make your life easier

Do you ever feel like you are wasting a load of time on the smallest little problems and jobs around the home? If that sounds like you, then you need to brush up on our life hacks for home and find out how to shortcut some of the most frustrating little annoyances that life can throw at us. Here are 9 great life hacks that will make your home life easier.

1. How to iron a button-up shirt? (the easy way)

Ironing button-up shirts can be really frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry. You don’t need to fiddle about getting the iron between all the buttons; just turn the shirt inside out and iron it from the back, down the line of buttons. It’s so simple, but it works a treat.

2. How to clean a wooden cutting board without chemicals?

Cutting boards can get really grimy and you want to make sure that they are no bacteria lurking on them. If you use an anti-bacterial cleaner, or any other kind of chemicals, it can leave a residue that will then get onto your food the next time that you use the board. So here is one of the easiest life hacks for home: to clean a cutting board, without using chemicals, try using some kosher salt and lemon juice. The salt scrubs away any stains, and the lemon juice will kill the bacteria and you won’t be left with any unpleasant tasting residue. (If you don’t have these ingredients, then you can simply use baking soda and water.)

3. How to fix broken keyboard feet?

Those little plastic feet on the bottom of computer keyboards get broken easily, and then you are left with a choice of a wobbly keyboard, or laying it flat. If you get a small binder clip and put it in the space where the plastic keyboard feet used to be, you will find that it raises the keyboard back to just the right angle again.

4. How to keep paint off the side of the can?

When you are doing a bit of home decorating, you probably get fed up with the lid on paint cans getting stuck down, because you wiped the excess paint from your brush onto the edge of the paint can the last time you used it. Here is another one of useful life hacks for home that can help: slip a rubber over the can and wipe your brush off on that instead and you won’t get any mess on the side of the can.

5. How to find lost earrings?

If you drop and lose a tiny item like an earring, or the clasp from the back of it, there’s no need to go scrabbling around your hands and knees peering closely at the carpet. Tie an old stocking over the end of your vacuum cleaner tube with a rubber band and have a quick vacuum over the area where you think the earring dropped. Any dust will be sucked up the tube, but your earring will be caught in the stocking.

6. How to open blister packs?

Blister packs, don’t you love them! You can stab them with a knife, gnaw at them with your teeth, try and tear them with your bare hands, and you still can’t get at the product that you just bought. To open up a blister pack easily and without any chance of cutting your hands, just run one side of it through with a can opener. It’s as simple as that!


7. How to stop grunge leaking from the bottom of your refuse sacks?

How many times have you taken the refuse sack out of your waste bin in the kitchen and dribbled a line of disgusting food juices across the kitchen floor? Here is one of ‘not-so-glamourous’ life hacks for home that can prevent this from happening: put some old newspaper in the bottom of the sack and that will soak up any leakages.

8. How to clean a food blender

This is one of our favourite life hacks for home. Food blenders are quite possibly one of the best kitchen appliances ever invented. How would you make a smoothie without them? They can be so fiddly to clean though, especially if you have been making something sticky. To save time cleaning a blender, put some baking soda (or soap) and water in the blender and blend away! Then, rinse it out and, voila, you have one clean food blender.

9. How to clean the bits out from between the keys of your computer keyboard

You could run the vacuum cleaner over your keyboard to pick out the crumbs and dust from in-between the keys, but then you run the risk of sucking one of the keys. Play it safe, and run the sticky edge of a post-it-note between the keys and that will pick up any small particles that have gotten down between the gaps.

What are your favourite life hacks for home?

Stay happy!

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