20 Must-Know Life Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

If there is one thing that stops us from having an awesome day where everything goes right and absolutely nothing goes wrong, it’s the small things that get on our nerves.

You know what I’m talking about: Leaky taps, earphones that we cannot untangle OMG, mosquitoes invading our homes and trapping us in our bathrooms because we can’t leave until the insect has died.

Oh, and a small thing called anxiety, of course.

All these things and more slow us down and can turn a potentially good day into a bad one.

But did you know that, rather than giving up the ghost and admitting defeat to these small things, there are several life hacks you can employ that will make your day and therefore your entire life a WHOLE lot easier?

You didn’t? Well then! Let’s take a look!

Here Is How To Fit Two Bowls Into Your Microwave At The Same Time

The problem with heating up TV dinners in the microwave is that, when everyone in your house wants one, you have to heat them up one at a time.

And because you’re so gracious, yours is always last.

Yep, yours that only takes three minutes to heat up has to come after your partner’s chicken curry which takes twelve frigging minutes.

“I will starve to death if I don’t eat within twelve minutes!” he screams.

Here is a solution to boost maximum efficiency: Place a bowl in your microwave alongside a cup. Then, place another bowl on top of the cup. Bingo!

Here Is How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Okay, let’s start with the pesky mosquitoes because I reckon you hate them just as much as I do.

We look forward to the summer for several reasons. We enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine because we get to wear dresses, bikinis and take vacations. Yay for the summer!

Unfortunately, the hot climates bring with them nasty insects – such as mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are bad news. They seem intent on doing nothing more in life except biting you, and once they’ve sunk their fangs into you, you’re going to itch and itch.

There is an easy way of keeping mosquitoes away from your home, though. Wanna know how?

Cinnamon tea bags!


Orange peel.

Both have a smell that is repellent to mosquitoes, as well as a number of other creepy insects.

Here Is What You Do When There Are No Candles In The House

Look, I know we’re living in the 21st century now, but that doesn’t mean that power cuts never happen. They do still occur, and if you happen to get caught in one without a candle in your house to provide some light, it can be a pretty scary time.

If you can’t fin any candles, the next best thing to do is to look for a box of crayons. Little did you know, but crayons can burn for 30 minutes.

And if your kids are anything like mine, there’s probably a crayon right underneath your feet!

Here Is How To Remove Permanent Marker From EVERYTHING

You probably thought permanent marker was permanent, didn’t you?

“Aww! I’ve only gone and used the permanent marker again by mistake!”

But actually, despite their name, permanent markers are not permanent at all.

As it turns out, you can remove permanent marker from everything.

For example, to remove permanent marker from clothes, you wold use hand sanitiser.

To remove permanent marker from walls, you would use hairspray or toothpaste.

To remove permanent marker, you would use alcohol.

To remove permanent marker from carpet, you would use white vinegar.

To remove permanent marker from your furniture, you would use milk.

How To Bring A Cracked iPhone Screen Back To Life

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet discovered how to reverse the damage done to a cracked iPhone screen so that the cracks disappear (though I am working on it), but I have found a way of ensuring that a cracked iPhone screen doesn’t automatically mean that you have to walk around with an awful-looking iPhone until you buy a new one.

After all, cracked iPhone screens look horrendous, and they ruin the general feeling of awesomeness that comes from owning an iPhone. No longer do you wanna whip yours out of your pocket and show it off to people – instead, you hope that no one texts or calls you whenever you’re in the company of others. It’s just too embarrassing!

I’ve got a solution – how about using different coloured highlighters to pimp your iPhone?? It will look so good that your friends will even be jealous!

Here Is How To Tell Keys Apart

Ever returned home only to not know which key is for your house? I certainly have, and it’s a very frustrating situation!

This happens if you own a lot of keys – especially keys that all look alike (and let’s face it, so many do).

To tell each one apart, you don’t need to have the memory of a genius any longer! Instead, why don’t you colour code each key?

You MUST find a way of remembering the colour code, of course. Perhaps make a note of it and stick it in your pocket.

Here Is How To Make Your Home Smell Divine Without Any Chemicals

Remember when your mom used to spray her house with house spray? It smelled good.

But do you ever remember your brother getting a runny nose and a sore throat afterwards?

It happens because household products such as house spray are laced with toxins and chemicals that do more harm than good. And they can trigger allergies.

If you want your house to smell heavenly without any nasty chemicals floating through the air, here is what you need to do: Take some orange peels and boil them in water before adding a dash of cinnamon. It will smell gorgeous, and it’s totally natural.

Plus, you can eat the orange, too.

Always Plan Ahead!

This one is a little bit different from everything else on this list, but it’s still an amazingly useful life hack.

Basically, if you want your day to go much more swimmingly than usual, all you need to do is plan ahead.

This solves any unwanted issues, such as being late for a meeting or getting out of bed way too late.

If Your Car Doesn’t Have Much Storage Space, Here’s What You Do

Okay, so you bought a car without much storage space. You don’t have to tell me what it is, but I’m gonna guess that you’ve got a tiny city car, such as a Fiat 500. It’s cute, right?

But, oh gosh. There just isn’t anywhere to put your stuff. So, despite how cute the car is (and it is), it’s become super messy.

Not cool.

I’ve got a solution – why not turn your cereal container(s) into a trash can for your hatchback??

This is an awesome solution that works a treat. And if you’re worried that the container will mar the overall funky aesthetic of your cabin, go ahead and colour it!

Here Is How To Stop Your Pizza’s Crust From Getting Chewy In The Microwave

If you’re anything like me and 99% of the whole population, you will hate chewy pizza crust.

And if you’re anything like me and 99% of the whole population, you will also be so lazy that you actually microwave your pizza.

The problem is that microwaving your pizza is a double edged sword. Sure, it’s easy, quick and convenient, but it also makes the crust chewy!

In this situation, can you have your cake and eat it? Yes!

To stop your pizza’s crust from getting all chewy in the microwave, you need to pop a small glass of water into the microwave with the pizza.

Why does this work? I have no idea!!

Save First – And Then Spend

Many of us spend our money and then save what little is left over (usually $5).

For better success in life, why not copy what the world’s smartest investors do instead? Rather than spending all your money first before saving what little is left over, how about saving first and then spending what is left?

Now you’re getting smart!

Here Is How To Find Small, Apparently Lost Items

I hate it when I lose stuff, but I REALLY hate it when I lose small stuff, such as earrings. They’re just so much harder to find.

However, I have a new solution!

And it doesn’t involve you getting down on your hands and knees!

It invokes your partner getting down on his hands and knees instead!

I’m kidding.

Actually, an easy way of finding small, seemingly lost items is to cover the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner with a suck. The machine will suck the item up, and they will stick to your sock!

Here Is How To Make Your Music Louder

A common complaint about listening to music from our iPhones is that, without headphones, the sound is just too low.

You’ve guessed it already – there is a solution to this!

To rock your favourite songs from your iPhone louder than ever, place your device in a glass bowl. It will amplify the noise!

Here Is How To Keep Your Bread Nice And Soft

We all like soft bread, right? Hard bread can cut your lips, and it just makes you think the bread has gone stale.

But soft bread is chewy, fluffy and feels fresh. It’s like a pillow!

But you know how it goes. Just two days after opening a fresh loaf, the bread has already gone hard. Not cool.

Is there anyway of solving this crisis? Totally.

To keep your bread nice and soft for as long as possible, store it in your cookie container.

Like the pizza trick, I have no idea why this one works – I just know that it does!

Here’s How To Make Your Own Indoor Hanging Baskets

Quite like the idea of hanging up some flowers inside your home but don’t fancy splashing out on some expensive hanging baskets?

I’ve got an idea – why not take an old globe (presuming you have one – but don’t we all have one??), split it in half and hang it upside down (or downside up?) before filling it with plants!

Not only will this look ACE, but it will also make your home smell a lot better.

Here Is How To Remove The Stems From Strawberries

Here’s the thing: Strawberries are gorgeous. I love them and I’m sure you love them, too. Delicious and colourful, they’re also really healthy.

But that stem. That stem. I hate it – and I bet you do, too.

So why not remove it by poking a straw from the top of your strawberry right through the bottom?

There’s no reason not to!

Here Is How To Make Your Own Ice Pack

In dire need of an ice pack but don’t have any actual ice? Drat!

But fear not, because there is a way out of this tricky situation.

When you need an ice pack (let’s say you’ve just trapped your finger in a door and it is throbbing like heck!), you can always take a sponge and freeze it before slipping it in a small plastic bag.

A frozen sponge acts as a fantastic ice pack that doesn’t drip everywhere!

Here Is How To Hammer A Nail The Safe Way

If you fancy yourself as something of a DIY Queen, you’ve probably come undone when hammering a nail into a wall.

It’s okay, we all have (I certainly have!).

Bashing away at a nail with a mega-ton hammer is dicy, especially when we’re holding the nail preciously between two finger tips. One miscalculation and we would literally bludgeon our fingers!

So why not take your precious fingers out of the firing line and instead hold the nail together using a clothes pin? Simple!!

Practice Mindfulness

I’d like to end on what I think is the best life hack of them all – mindfulness.

Mindfulness is nothing more than living in the present moment. Instead of getting upset by things that happened in the past, or getting anxious by something that might happen in the future, you’re instead enjoying the moment.

Ah, bliss!

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