10 Words you should absolutely avoid using in a job interview

Was it something that you said? If you’ve been left wondering why you didn’t get that job of your dreams, it could well have been just your choice of words in the interview that cost you the job. In today’s competitive job market, employers have only a very short amount of time to choose between many candidates, so one single word could really make all the difference. If you don’t want to let your vocabulary let you down, just read these ten words that you should absolutely avoid using during an interview for a job:

1. Um, Err, Hmm

Every time one of these filler words comes into play, the interviewer will think that you are either indecisive or you are lying. It doesn’t exactly give the impression that you are a go-getter, if you need time to think about your every answer.

2. Disguising (or any other similar negative word)

Disguising is a very strong and negative word, so avoid it at all cost. No one wants an employee, who is filled with negativity around the work place.

3. Apologies

If you have to say you’re sorry, then you are already not making a good first impression. The only reason you would need to say sorry is, if you are late, forgot to bring something with you, or you have just spilt your coffee all over the interviewer’s brand new jacket!

4. Swear words

Even the less offensive curse words can offend some people, so don’t even take the risk. Not swearing should just be common sense, but these words can slip out, sometimes, if you don’t pay attention and if you’re not careful.

5. No

You should actually avoid any negative words, if you can. Everything should be a positive: ‘Yes I can, yes I will, yes I do’. It’s your enthusiasm and positive attitude that you want to get across, so no negativity in your words!

6. I think…I can try…

Don’t think, know! Don’t try, do! I think I can try to do that or, I think I am right for the job, means that there is some room for doubt. I know that I am right for job, leaves no room for any debate at all.

7. Obsessed

Don’t sway too far the other way though, with words like obsessed. A passion for your work is one thing, but an obsession is an entirely different matter.

8. Sort of

Sort of, or ‘kinda’, is another type of phrase that you should avoid in a job interview. If you are asked, for example, whether or not you have experience of dealing with the public, then, there is only two distinctive ways to answer that, you either do have that experience, or you simply don’t. If you don’t, then be brave enough to admit it, and turn that into a positive statement, by saying something like: ‘I don’t have it yet, but I’d love to learn.’

9. Avoid using one word answers

The interviewer wants to learn more about you, so make sure to avoid using one word answers, however positive they may seem to you. Answering a question with just ‘sure’ or a simple ‘yes’ doesn’t provide your interviewer with necessary information. Expand on your answers like: ‘Yes, I can use Microsoft Office, Powerpoint and Excel, I’ve been using these programs in my work for over ten years now.’

10. What…How…When…

Never ask the interviewer things that you should already know. Do your research, before you get to the interview. You should know what the job is and what the company does already.

Do you know some other words that should be avoided in a job interview?

Stay happy!

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