10 Ways To Stay Strong While Leading Hectic And Busy Life

What do you do when life gets so busy that you feel yourself going a little bit crazy?

In my late-twenties, I gave birth to twins. Four years later, the twins started school – and I went back to school.

Combining school with my job and hectic home life wasn’t easy. In fact, it was difficult and it sent me a tad crazy at times. It was certainly an experience.

It’s difficult enough for teenagers without the responsibilities I had to do their homework assignments and get to class every day – not to mention work on group projects and revise for key exams. But when you have a husband and twins? It seems almost impossible.

But you know what – it was totally possible. I aced it by organising my life and doing the right things. The best thing is that I wasn’t stressed at all. I was as calm as can be! (My husband probably won’t agree with this, of course!!).

If things are threatening to get on top of you, here are 10 ways to stay strong while leading a hectic and busy life.

Ask Yourself Why You’re Busy

When people say they’re busy, it tends to suggest that their life is out of control somewhat.

We should all have at least some spare time each day. But when you’re constantly turning people down because you’re “so busy these days”, you should look at why you’re busy. What has caused you to lose control of your life so much that you can’t even spare the time to think these days?

Being busy isn’t a sign that we’re super popular and winning at life – it’s a sign that we’ve managed our time poorly. Maybe there is someone or something you’re saying Yes way too much to. Find out who or what it is.

Download An App

There’s an app for everything these days. To help you through hectic periods in your life, apps that help you to stay organised – including the awesome EverNote – are your tools.

Surround Yourself With People Who Support You

One of the things I’m ever so grateful for from my time at school was a husband and a family who supported me to my hilt. Despite having a full-time job, and despite me making him pretty much look after the kids by himself for at least three days a week, my husband was unbelievably supportive of what I was doing.

He never once discouraged me. He questioned my decision at first (who wouldn’t), but immediately got onboard with it once I told him how much I needed this.

Honestly, things would have been very different had I not had so much support. People who support you take some of the burden away from you. They lighten the load. They’re there for you.

Re-Check Your To Do List

People who are busy tend to have huge to-do lists. But is everything on your list really necessary? Take a look at it and cut what you don’t really need. Prioritise and trim the fat.

Pack You Own Lunch

You’ve got a big day at work. A project has already eaten into your lunch break. And as you finally get out of the office to go for a sandwich, you’re met by a mile-long queue at the sandwich shop. URGH. Could this day get any worse??

You can feel yourself boiling over with frustration.

Heading out for lunch at work can be great if the weather is nice and you’ve got time on your hands. But if it’s cold and raining and you’re behind with work, it can be a painful experience.

Save yourself both hassle and time by preparing a packed lunch at home.

Keep Drinking Water

To stay strong when you’re busy, it’s important that you stay hydrated. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink lots of water – at least six glasses per day.

Eat Healthily

It’s impossible to stay mentally strong if you’re eating lots of junk food crammed with bad fats. Eat lots of fruit and veg for a clear and strong mind – as well as lots of energy.

Move Closer To Work

This one is admittedly hard to implement for most people – how many of us can simply move home just like that? But if you have the possibility to move out, I would definitely suggest that you find a place closer to work.

Why? Think of the time you’ll save in the morning! No more traffic means no more stress. It also means you get to lie in bed for a bit extra too 😉

Some flats are available for Monday-Friday let. If this is something you can explore, I recommend looking into it. Living closer to work is a great way to stay strong and calm during times of pressure.

Plan Your Meals

I’ve recently been reading Tim Ferris’ latest book, Tools of Titans. One of the most noticeable takeaways I’ve got from it is that successful people have these really neat ways of saving time each day. And one of the best hacks is that they like to plan their meals way ahead of time.

Some people have set meals every day of the week. Sound boring? Not if you enjoy them! Moreover, it says you a heck of time. When you know what you’re going to have for dinner, you don’t need to waste anytime deciding what to have.

And we all know how hard it is to decide what to eat – especially when we live with our partner.

Know your meal plan inside-out so that you waste no time on this aspect of your life.

Have A Smoothie For Breakfast

You need breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Many people skip breakfast, but this leads to a loss of energy which makes it tough to stay strong as the day goes on. Others cook up a huge breakfast that, quite simply, wastes time.

My advice is that you start fuelling up on smoothies in the morning. They’re a fab way of getting loads of essential nutrients into your body at the start of the day. They barely take any time at all, and they will help you to stay strong and focused at work.

Stay happy!

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